Transfer Applications FAQ

Transfer Applications FAQ

Questions about the ISE transfer admissions requirements, timeline, or process? Please view the Frequently Asked Questions below:


1. When will I receive my admissions decision?

Admissions decisions are released no later than the posted decision deadline for the application term. Transfer admissions decisions are sent via email to the email address provided in your application.

2. Is preference given to students transferring from an AA-granting Florida State College or Community College?

Yes. Due to articulation agreements that exist in the state of Florida, preference for transfer admission is given to students who are completing or have completed an AA degree from a Florida State College or Community College. Students from international or out-of-state institutions are also encouraged to apply, and they will be considered for admission on a space-available basis.

3. If I’m transferring from a Florida State College or Community College, what other courses can I complete during my AA before I’m admitted to UF ISE?

In addition to the required Critical Tracking courses listed on our Transfer Page, students who are completing an AA before applying to UF ISE as transfer applicants can choose to complete specific courses before applying to UF ISE. Students who do not take these courses before coming to UF will be required to take them if they are admitted to UF ISE. The courses are as follows:

  • Macroeconomics (ECO 2013) and Microeconomics (ECO 2023), 4 credits each
  • Financial Accounting (ACG 2021), 3-4 credits
  • Chemistry and Chemistry Lab (CHM 2045 and CHM 2045L), 3 credits and 1 credit
  • Statics (EGM2511), 3 credits

4. If I’m transferring from an international or out of state institution, how many of my credits will transfer to UF?

For general education courses, the UF Office of Admissions will award credit according to their policies. The ISE Department will contact all students admitted from international or out-of-state institutions individually to discuss credit transfers to UF. All cases are different, and each admitted student is individually assisted by an ISE Academic Advisor throughout this process.

5. Can I change my major after I’m admitted to UF ISE as a transfer student?

No. All transfer applicants are evaluated and admitted by an individual department, and College policy prevents transfer admits from changing their major after they arrive at UF. If you apply to UF ISE as a transfer applicant, please be prepared to earn your degree in ISE.

6. What courses would I take at UF if I’m admitted to ISE as a transfer student?

All transfer students will be required to complete their Critical Tracking courses as soon as possible after they arrive at UF. The full ISE curriculum and a sample semester plan can be found here.


Additional Questions? Please contact the ISE Undergraduate Advising Team at .