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Department Vision (Updated: February 2023)

The vision of the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering at UF is :

To be known as a leader in providing cutting edge Industrial and Systems Engineering education and conducting innovative research, developing future leaders of industry and academia. Promote creative and critical systems thinking that transforms work and society by integrating contemporary technologies and digital tools through extensive and inclusive partnerships with industry, national labs and government agencies.

Department Objectives


  • Recruit outstanding and diverse faculty in critical methodological and demanding application areas.
  • Create a world-class undergraduate curriculum for highly skilled and uniquely qualified candidates.
  • Deliver high-demand professional degree and certificate programs.


  • Develop center/institute level research activity in each research thrust area.
  • Expand department interdisciplinary research.
  • Increase department PhD student supervision and quality through practical research and teacher training.


  • Increase ISE foundation support through new and expanding alumni and corporate relations.

Current Major Initiatives

  • Hiring new faculty
  • Increasing Undergraduate program competitiveness
  • Graduate program enhancement and expansion
  • Strengthening Department media
  • Improving Alumni engagement