Industrial and Systems Engineers make complex processes and organizations more effective and efficient by developing, implementing and improving integrated systems of people, information, and financial and physical resources by using analytics and optimization techniques. The ISE master’s program at UF trains students in advanced analytical and experimental skills to structure and develop solutions to complex problems in real-world systems. We focus training on data analytics, human performance analysis, and operations research methods as well as design practice across different types of industries. Our master’s program curriculum also provides students with exposure to different applications areas, including human systems, health systems, production systems, supply chain systems, and transportation systems, among others.

Degree Options

The ISE Department offers a two master’s degrees:

Master of Science (M.S.): Can be completed with or without a thesis

Master of Engineering (M.E.): Requires an undergraduate engineering degree and can be completed with or without a thesis


The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Florida has four master’s program options to accommodate all students:

  • The on-campus option includes a traditional 30-credit hour M.S. or M.E.
  • UF Electronic Delivery of Gator Engineering (EDGE) is a 31 credit hour online degree program that offers both M.S. and M.E. degrees. The program provides for flexibility terms of class schedule for off-campus students.
  • UF Research & Engineering Education Facility (REEF) is a 31-credit hour online program through UF EDGE that offers M.S. degrees only. This program is offered to students from the Eglin Air Force Base community, located in Shalimar, FL.
  • The Outreach Engineering Management (OEM) degree program is for working professionals who wish to receive an M.S. or M.E. degree in ISE with a concentration in Engineering Management.

Graduation Requirements

For a full list of graduate courses and descriptions, click HERE.

A minimum for 30 credits is required for the Master’s degree. For a Master’s degree with thesis, a sufficient number of thesis credits (3-6) must be taken (course number EIN 6971).

The following course is required for thesis and non-thesis students:

  • EIN 6918 – Graduate Seminar
    • All students are required to register for 01 credit of this course in their first year
    • This 01 credit hour can be applied toward the minimum 30 credit requirement for completing the M.S. degree.

At least on half of the regular course work done (excluding EIN 6971 for thesis students) must be taken in the department, and at least one half must be at the 5000 level or above. A cumulative gpa of 3.0 must be maintained throughout the entire program.

If students in an MS/ME program elect to participate in more than one CPT during their program, they will have to complete more than 30 credits to obtain the MS/ME degree (due to the credits required b UFIC for internships). Please see the ISE CPT/OPT information page for additional information.

Project Course

Every non-thesis Master’s student is required to complete at least one of the following, pre-approved project courses at most 6 months before graduation.

  • EIN 6510 – Principles of Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • ESI 6529 – Digital Simulation Techniques
  • ESI 6355 – Decision Support Systems for ISE’s
  • ESI 6552 – Systems Architecture
  • ESI 6555 – Systems Management
  • EIN 6905 – Data Analytics for Systems Monitoring
  • EIN 6905 – High Dimensional Data Analytics
  • EIN 6905 – Model Health Systems Engineering
  • EIN 6905 – Web-based Decision Support Systems for ISE’s

Failure to complete one of the above courses within six months of graduation will prevent the student from graduating.

Thesis Defense (thesis students only)

Thesis students must defend their thesis at an oral examination which may include questions of a general nature on topics of the program study. Students must be registered during the semester in which the oral examination is taken and also at the time of the degree is actually conferred.


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