BS/MSF Combination Degree Program

BS/MSF Combination Degree Program

The B.S. in ISE/M.S. in Finance (MSF) combination degree program allows students to begin completing requirements for an MSF degree while pursuing their B.S. degree.


The B.S./M.S. in ISE Program requirements are the same as the individual B.S. and M.S. programs. Three of the following graduate courses may be substituted for the undergraduate curriculum upon admission to the graduate program.

Graduate Level SubstitutionUndergraduate Course
EIN6905: Web Based Decision Support Systems for ISEESI4357: Web Based Decision Support Systems for ISE
ESI6529: Digital Simulation TechniquesESI4523: Industrial Systems Simulation
STA5328: Fundamentals of Statistics TheorySTA4322: Introduction to Statistics Theory
ESI6355: Decision Support Systems for ISEESI4356: Decision Support Systems for ISE
STA5325: Fundamentals of ProbabilitySTA4321: Intro to Probability


Before students may be approved for registration in courses to be used towards the MSF degree, the MSF Program must receive the following materials, and the student must interview for selection in the program:

  • Resume
  • Two recommendations
  • GMAT or GRE
  • Statement of Purpose

Undergraduate level credits (<5000 level) may not be applied to the MSF degree.