Former Lockheed Martin CEO Augustine Leads Panel on Innovation and American.

Gainesville, FL (February, 2011): Norman R. Augustine, former CEO of Lockheed Martin and member of theNational Academy of Engineering, painted a bleak future for America’s competitiveness during his talk “Technology and Innovation in America’s Competitive Future” as part of the Engineering Leadership Forum held on Thursday, February 17 in Pugh Hall on campus. A member of the panel that wrote RisingAbove the Gathering Storm, with an updated version due out soon, Augustine reviewed statistics of America’s struggles in science and mathematics in K-12 education when compared to foreign countries. But he ended optimistically, stating that these problems “are within our ability to solve.” He offered solutions ranging from K-12 reforms which stress the relevance of science and engineering; government grants for students to study engineering but get certified to teach mathematics and science in K-12 public schools; and increasing government funding in basic research.