FAQ – Bachelor’s

FAQ – Bachelor’s

FAQ For Prospective Undergraduate Students

Please see UF’s Freshman FAQs for information about UF enrollment.

FAQ For Current Undergraduate Students

Where can I find undergraduate forms?

Forms needed for course substitutions, petitions, etc. can be found here.
The UF ISE undergraduate scholarship application form is located here.

Where can I find a list of accepted Technical Electives?

The accepted technical electives can be found at here. You can also petition the department if you are taking a 3000 or 4000 level class that is technical in nature but not on this list to have it potentially count as your required credits. Please do this before taking the course. The petition can be accessed here.

How do I add a minor?

First, complete the “Adding a Minor” form located in the Files section of this Canvas site and have it signed by and ISE advisor. Do this when you have acquired 45-100 credits toward your degree. Then, you will take it to be signed by the department offering the minor.

Does adding a minor allow me to take more credit hours without incurring the Excess Hours Surcharge?

No, adding a minor does not increase the amount of credits you are given toward Excess Hours Surcharge. Only a double major increases the amount of credit you can use before paying for the surcharge.

Can I take a class without meeting the required prerequisites?

Not usually, but you can fill out a departmental petition to request a prerequisite override. The Pre/Co-Requisite application form can be found here.

If a class is not in the ISE department, do I still need to have a C to pass the class?

Yes. You need a C or better in all of your classes to receive a degree from the ISE department.

Can I take a class at another college?

Yes you can, but only if you are not taking courses concurrently at UF. You will need to apply through FloridaShines.org, using your gatorlink user ID and password. Please email undergradadvising@ise.ufl.edu once you submit an application through FloridaShines.org.
NOTE: The last 25% of your credits (32 credits) MUST be taken at UF.

Does an internship automatically waive my summer requirements?

No, you will need to petition the university if you wish to waive your summer requirements. You can find the summer Enrollment Requirement Waiver form in the Files page on Canvas.  You will need to attach a letter from the company to your petition.  The letter needs to be on company letterhead, state briefly what you did and mention that you completed a full-time summer internship with their company.  Bring this completed form and your company letter to and ISE advisor who will complete the Interviewing Officer portion of the form.

How do I add internship or co-op credits?

These “courses” are controlled by the department, so to add them you must see an ISE advisor. 200 hours of work = 1 credit, and you can earn a maximum of 3 credits in this fashion. NOTE: You cannot take zero credits at UF for 2 consecutive semesters (including summer), or you will be dropped from UF and will have to reapply! The internship credit ensures that you are not dropped if you plan to be out for two semesters in a row.  You can request the internship credit during normal registration times through the EIN4944 Registration Request form located here.

When should I add internship or co-op credits?

You should add these credits when registering for the semester you will be out on your internship.  Once you are at your internship, then you will need to complete the Practical Work Experience Form located here.

I am currently away on an internship. Why don’t I have a registration date?

There is no registration date because you are currently not taking any classes at UF. To receive your registration date, you must contact the registrar’s office.