UF ISE Introduces Two Graduate Certificate Programs

The Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE) at the University of Florida introduced two graduate certificate programs in Fall 2021.  All students who have been admitted to a UF degree-seeking graduate program are eligible for the Systems Engineering Certificate and the Occupational Safety Certificate, as well as non-degree-seeking students who are enrolled in ISE courses.  

The Systems Engineering Graduate Certificate trains students to create, evaluate, communicate, analyze and manage system designs. It aims to help students address industry needs for expertise in core methodological and application areas of systems engineering. To earn this certificate, students are enrolled in courses such as systems architecture, systems design and systems management.  

The Occupational Safety Graduate Certificate is designed to prepare students for a career in occupational safety. Students will be required to take courses in occupational safety engineering, loss assessment and control, and systems safety engineering. These courses provide a solid foundation in occupational safety and systems safety engineering.  

For undergraduate students, particularly those who are enrolled in the UF ISE Combined Degree Program, adding the Occupational Safety Certificate will make them a more competitive candidate for career opportunities after they graduate.  

ISE students who are enrolled in the graduate program can also elect to receive one of these graduate certificates, as the application fees are waived for enrolled students. Completing the certificate program is a great addition to a student’s resume and helps with internships and future career opportunities during and post-graduation.   

To learn more about these certificates, click here.