UF ISE Welcomes New Faculty in Data Analytics

The Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE) has hired two new faculty members in the data analytics field. Mostafa Reisi, Ph.D., and Xiaochen Xian, Ph.D. will both be joining the department as assistant professors.

Mostafa Reisi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Mostafa Reisi is a data analytics researcher with a research focus on developing highly efficient methodologies and algorithms for modeling and monitoring high-dimensional data. He is concerned with multi-level and heterogeneous data sets that contain a variety or dissimilar observations. His most recent project involved developing novel and efficient data analytics approaches to model and analyze systems with complex, high-dimensional data, including point clouds, images, or profiles. These models can be employed in a variety of applications including manufacturing and healthcare systems in which high-dimensional data is common.

Reisi received a bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering from the Isfahan University of Technology in Isfahan, Iran and a dual master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering and applied mathematics from Southern Illinois University. He went on to receive a third master’s degree in computational science and engineering, and his doctorate degree in industrial and systems engineering, both from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

“The University of Florida brings together excellent researchers from a wide range of disciplines and provides a great environment for interdisciplinary research. As a researcher in the interdisciplinary field of data analytics, I am very excited to become a part of UF,” said Reisi.

Reisi will be joining the department in August of 2019.


Xiaochen Xian, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Xiaochen Xian’s research focuses on big data analytics and system informatics to develop methodologies for improving complex systems. This focus is relevant to applications in manufacturing, healthcare, traffic and other domains. Currently, Dr. Xian is working on developing an online adaptive sampling method that is intended to monitor the status of complex systems. According to Xian, this proposed method will have a significant impact on applications like intrusion detection, unmanned vehicle surveillance, environmental monitoring, cybersecurity, or other systems that require surveillance and abnormality detection.

“It is a privilege to live in a world with an unprecedented amount of valuable data. My passion lies in the unraveling of stranded information with the aid of advanced statistical and machine learning approaches,” said Xian.

Xian received her bachelor’s degree in mathematics and applied mathematics from Zhejiang University in China. She went on to receive a master’s degree in statistics and her doctorate degree in industrial & systems engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Xian will be joining the department in July of 2019.