Entrepreneur Frans Johansson Delivers Keynote at Engineering Summit

Frans Johansson delivers a speech

Frans Johansson gestures to the crowd

GAINESVILLE, FL: Noted author and entrepreneur Frans Johansson delivered the keynote speech at the Engineering Leadership Summit on Friday, October 19, as part of the Gator Engineering Leadership and Reunion Weekend emphasizing “Leading Innovation through Inclusion.” Johanssan summarized his talk with a simple phrase, “Diversity drives innovation.”

His talk stressed the positive in having different perspectives, fields, cultures, ethnicities, and angles on teams, driven by the following:

1.  All new ideas are combinations of existing ideas.
2.  People that change the world try far more ideas.
3.  Diverse teams can unleash an explosion of new ideas.

He challenged the audience with the question, “How are you going to be different?  How are you going to change the world?”

ISE alumnus, Linda Hudson, introduced Johansson.  “Diversity makes an organization stronger and enhances performance,” she said.

Provost Joe Glover opened the symposium noting that diversity and inclusion is a priority of President Machen’s administration. “The simple truth is, we don’t know where the next Einstein will come from,” he said.