Hudson, Renwick and Thomas Featured in Discussion on Inclusion

Hudson, Renwick, and Thomas speak at a panel on inclusion

GAINESVILLE, FL: Linda Hudson (BS SE 1972), Glenn Renwick (MS ISE 1978) and David Thomas (BS IE 1971, MS ENG 1972), all members of the ISE Hall of Fame, were featured in a panel discussion on “Building a Climate of Inclusion through Leadership.”

Hudson talked about the importance of working hard to overcome challenges. “Results matter and people will look past differences if you can deliver a better result.” She also promotes the idea that “diverse groups promote better ideas.”

Renwick noted that it starts with recognizing biases and working to overcome those biases. He noted that Progressive has a number of affinity groups and “reverse” mentors. “Just looking at your business from the eyes of others is one of the most influential experiences.” He also stressed that this takes practice to perfect.

Thomas noted that he was fortunate to start his career at IBM which has been a leader in diversity. “It takes top leadership to buy in,” he said.  “You have to measure it.  You have to reward it.”

Rhonda Holt of TBS and John Roy of Harris Corporation also served on the panel.  Tom Hunter, the former President of Sandia National Laboratories, was the moderator.