IE Graduate Degrees Up Significantly Since 2000.

WASHINGTON, DC (September 2010): According to the American Society of Engineering Education’s September Databytes newsletter, the generation of degrees in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering fields has increased significantly. Specifically, the number of PhDs conferred grew 63% from 2000 to 2009, for a total of 341 in 2009. Bachelor’s degree output decreased slightly (1.3%) over the same time period, but enrollments are up 10% in the last two years. Master’s degree enrollment is up 20% over the past three years, with degree output increasing by 22% to nearly 3000 since 2000. A total of 3510 Bachelor’s degrees were awarded in 2009. UF conferred 90 B.S., 141 M.S. or M.E. and 6 Ph.D. degrees in ISE in 2009.