Undergraduate Research Projects in Operations Research

Below is a list of the current undergraduate research projects in operations research:

Aleksandr Kazachkov, Ph.D.

Anonymous Fair Division of Indivisible Goods

Department:  Industrial and Systems Engineering
Email: Aleksandr Kazachkov,akazachkov@ufl.edu
Ph.D. Student Mentor(s): N/A
Terms Available: Fall, Spring, Summer
Student Level: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior, 1 student per term
Prerequisites: Understanding of analysis of algorithms and basic computational complexity
Credit:  0-3 credits via EGN 4912
Stipend: none unless selected for University Scholars
Application Requirements: Resume, UF Unofficial Transcripts, and Faculty Interview; To request an interview, email one pdf file with all application requirements to akazachkov@ufl.edu.
Application Deadline: March 1 for the summer term, July 15 for fall term, and November 1 for spring term
Website: akazachk.github.io
Project Description: The goal of this project is to allocate indivisible resources among agents in a “fair” way, motivated by problems such as a food bank creating prepackaged meals. The preferences of the agents are known, and the task is to split the items into bundles, such that every agent feels that any of the bundles is approximately fair. The research involves a theoretical understanding of what level of fairness can be guaranteed. It may be helpful to consult this tutorial on fair division: https://www.cs.toronto.edu/~nisarg/papers/Fair-Division-Tutorial.pdf

Panos Pardalos, Ph.D.

Optimization: New Challenges in Theory and Practice

Department:  Industrial and Systems Engineering
Email: pardalos@ufl.edu
Ph.D. Student Mentor(s): Zdanovskaya Victoria, vik-zdanovskaya@yandex.ru
Terms Available: Fall, Spring, Summer
Student Level: Senior; 1 student per semester
Prerequisites:  mathematics and an interest to learn optimization
Credit:  0-3credits via EGN 4912
Stipend: none unless selected for University Scholars
Application Requirements: Resume, statement of research interest, faculty interview, visit my web page for related work; email all materials in one pdf file to Panagote (Panos) Pardalos
Application Deadline: Any time throughout the year – but beginning of semesters is typically best
Project Description: Large scale problems in the design of networks, energy systems, medicine and drug design, in finance, and engineering are modeled as optimization problems. Humans and nature are constantly optimizing to minimize costs or maximize profits, to maximize the flow in a network, or to minimize the probability of a blackout in the smart grid.  Due to new algorithmic developments and the computational power of computers, optimization algorithms have been used to solve problems in a wide spectrum of applications in silence and engineering. In our long time effort we try to address new challenges in the theory and practice of optimization with focus on several applications.