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The following is a list of all available partnership options. If you have a specific partnership goal in mind, check out the Partner With ISE landing page.

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Building a Pipeline to Hire Undergraduate Talent

  1. 1. Hire summer interns, co-op and full-time students
  2. The best way to introduce students to your company is by hiring them during a semester and summer. Good experiences travel far via word of mouth and lead to full-time hires.

  3. 2. Participate in UF ISE Career Fair
  4. UF ISE Career Fair is an excellent opportunity to meet a lot of ISE students in our B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. programs. The company may participate and have access to the resume database, have a table during the event, and have the company logo printed on some promotional material for a fee of $500.

  5. 3. Sponsor an information session night
  6. Information sessions can be arranged through the UF ISE or UF Career Resource Center. Students are easily lured with refreshments.

Improving the Educational Experience for Undergraduate Students

  1. 1. Be a Connect-the-Dots Speaker
  2. Students always want to see the relevancy of the material taught in class. There are often a number of opportunities over the course of a semester to bring practitioners into the classroom. You can choose a subset of the courses in our curriculum (e.g., Inventory & Supply Chain Systems, Lean Production Systems and Decision-Support Systems), and be a guest speaker during classroom meetings to demonstrate the relevance of the course material to the operations of the company.

  3. 2. Be a Sales Engineering Seminar speaker
  4. This unique program to UF exposes students to careers in sales. Sponsors may speak in the designated seminar (and provide recruiting pitch) as well as have recruiting access to the students who are working towards obtaining a minor in Sales Engineering.

  5. 3. Provide real data for projects for relevant classes
  6. A subset of our courses (e.g., Facilities Planning and Work Design and Industrial Systems Simulation) require a term project. Real projects with real data are always more interesting and satisfying to the students. The instructor for the course would work with you in framing the project.

  7. 4. Sponsor a class case study competition
  8. A competition can often be substituted for a term project. The company can provide a data analytics, quality control, lean manufacturing or supply chain case study for the student teams in the respective class. The top three teams can be awarded cash prizes (but grading would be completed separately by the professor to assess the fulfillment of the student learning outcomes).

  9. 5. Sponsor and deliver a workshop
  10. Workshops that support the UF ISE curriculum can be arranged. Recently, a large manufacturing company delivered a Lean Manufacturing workshop and a mini-case study competition for student teams who wanted to learn more about the tools for implementing Lean Manufacturing in practice.

Building Your Brand

  1. 1. Sponsor a department event
  2. UF ISE holds annual events (e.g., Spring Banquet and Industrial
    Advisory Board Dinner, Graduate Student Welcome Reception, Junior Review) as well as special
    events (e.g., ISE/OEM Anniversary Banquets and Alumni Events) that can be supported. Sponsors
    receive marketing and speaking opportunities. Sponsorship levels vary by event.

  3. 2. Sponsor a student group meeting
  4. The student chapters of IIE (Institute of Industrial Engineers)
    and INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and Management Science) are very active, holding
    biweekly meetings with generally over 100 in attendance. A small donation is requested to support the
    chapter and meeting refreshments.

Tap into Undergraduate Talent for Results

  1. 1. Hire summer interns, co-op and full-time students
  2. The best way to introduce students to your company is by hiring them during a semester and summer. Good experiences travel far via word of mouth and lead to full-time hires.

  3. 2. Sponsor a Senior Design Project
  4. Students must graduate with a capstone senior design experience. Students work in teams over the course of a semester to solve a problem posed by an industrial, non-profit or government sponsor. All sponsors donate $5,000-$8,000 per project per semester to support the travel needs of the students and the overall program.

  5. 3. Sponsor an IPPD Project
  6. HWCOE houses the Integrated Product and Process Design (IPPE) program in which multidisciplinary teams from different engineering disciplines develop a process or a product to solve and industrial problem over the course of two semesters under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Sponsors pay $25,000 in support of a project but retain all intellectual property.

Tap into Graduate Talent and Faculty Expertise for Results

  1. 1. Hire graduate students as interns
  2. The best way to introduce graduate students to your company’s company mission critical complex problems is by hiring them during a semester and/or summer. During the internship, the graduate student and their advisor develop a deep understanding of the problem, which can then be a part of the M.S. or Ph.D. research of the student.

  3. 2. Provide Visiting Scientist Positions for faculty members
  4. The best way to introduce faculty to your company’s mission critical, complex problems is by exposing them to the problem setting of interest by bringing the faculty member on site for an extended period of time (recommended time would be a minimum of four weeks). During this period, the faculty member can develop a deep understanding of the problem setting and can develop a solution or develop a research agenda to address the problem depending on its scope.

  5. 3. Sponsor a graduate student research project
  6. Graduate students and faculty can be engaged to solve complex problems that arise in industrial environments on a contractual basis. A contract or a research grant can be developed to support a particular project with sufficient technical depth over the course of a longer time period (minimum nine months). All contracts/grants are tailored to the needs of the project. For example, a 12-month project involving a graduate student and a faculty member would cost somewhere from $75,000-$90,000 depending on graduate student and faculty effort allocated to the project, although many variations exist.

Continuing Education for Employees

  1. 1. Outreach Engineering Management (OEM) Program
  2. UF ISE delivers the M.S. or M.E. in ISE degree with a concentration Engineering Management for working professionals. Classes are taught one weekend a month over 20-month period. The program is currently delivered in UF Research and Academic Center in Orlando. Students may elect to continue for another year of studies and earn an MBA. See for more details.

  3. 2. Online graduate education
  4. UF ISE teaches 5-7 courses at the master’s level online leading to the M.S. or M.E. in ISE. Topics range from methodological (e.g., operations research and statistics) to applied (e.g. supply chain management, engineering economy and systems engineering). See for more details.

  5. 3. Advanced or executive education
  6. UF ISE has the capability to develop and deliver advanced and executive level of education for companies. Based on mutually agreed upon educational learning outcomes and course duration, course material can be developed. The cost would depend on faculty effort and educational material development and delivery expenses.

  7. 4. Research sabbaticals for your employees
  8. UF ISE could host one of the company’s employees as a Visiting Research Scholar for a duration of 3-12 months. During this period, the employee, as a domain expert, can work with a faculty member as well as a graduate and/or undergraduate student to develop a solution to a problem that is of interest to the company. Depending on the scope of the work and faculty and student availability, this can be free of charge.