Interpretable and Generalizable Deep Neural Nets

PI: Hongcheng Liu, Co-PI: Panos Pardalos
Award Period: 05/01/2019-06/30/2020

Neural network (NN) is the pillar machine learning model for the realization of modern artificial intelligence. Despite the frequent advancement in the NN-related algorithms, models, and applications, the development of their theoretical underpinnings are lagging behand. For most existing theoretical generalization analysis, the number of samples required to ensure proper out-of-sample performance is stipulated to grow rapidly in polynomial of the number of fitting parameters and, thus, the depth of a NN. This is inconsistent with the practical observations, as modern neural network models are commonly over-parameterized. Furthermore, most existing NN models are hardly interpretable due to the intrinsic nonlinearity and nonconvexity. Through this project, we will theoretically analyze both the generalizability and the interpretability for a neural network in a general setting. The new bound will ensure the generalization performance of a NN to be insensitive to the increase of fitting parameters. Furthermore, regularization schemes will be incorporated into the training of a NN to make available a likelihood ratio-based statistical test, allowing the NN to be better interpretable. This project will lay foundation for the future research on artificial intelligence and global optimization by providing a machinery to comprehend a class of machine learning models. It will also lead to further development of a project relevant to one of NSF’s 10 big ideas: Harnessing Data for the 21st Century. At completion of this project, joint-author papers and proposals to NSF will be submitted.

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  1. Sponsor: Air Force Office of Scientific Research
    Title: Transforming Training Paradigms for Artificial Intelligence (White Paper)
    PI: Hongcheng Liu, Co-PI: Panos Pardalos
  2. Sponsor: Office of Naval Research
    Title: A Novel Interior-Point Trust-Region Paradigm for Optimization under Conic Constraints (White Paper)
    PI: Hongcheng Liu
  3. Sponsor: UF Office of Research
    Title: OR: DRPD-ROF2020: Generalizable Deep Neural Nets and Deep Hypothesis Testing for Biomarker        Identification and Disease Diagnosis
    PI: Hongcheng Liu, Co-PI: Panos Pardalos
  4. Sponsor: National Science Foundation
    Title: AF: Small: Data-Driven Optimization Under Partial Knowledge and Data Insufficiency
    PI: Hongcheng Liu, Co-PI: Yunmei Chen