ISE Seminar Series

Date(s) - September 18, 2020
11:45 am - 12:35 pm


Jean Bossart, P.E.
Engineer Librarian
Marston Science Library, University of Florida

Abstract: How to Get Started on Your Research 

For graduate students, one of the first and hardest steps is getting started on their research.  Professors usually recommend reviewing the scholarly literature but what does that mean? There is so much information on the internet and in the library, often it is difficult to know where to begin. This talk will help graduate students with their literature reviews, show them where to find credible sources, and how to determine if an article is peer reviewed. This talk will also discuss the pros and cons of using science databases vs. Google Scholar. Research and writing tools such as EndNote, Zotero, and Overleaf will be discussed. Graduate students will also learn what an ORCID is and how to get one.

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Meeting ID: 968 6331 9389
Passcode: 018663