ISE Student Selected to UF Hall of Fame by Division of Student Life

Franco Nazarian, a recent graduate of the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE), has been selected to the UF Division of Student Life 2024 Hall of Fame. This honor is described by the Division of Student Life as its highest recognition given to seniors and graduate students who have consistently demonstrated an outstanding commitment to improving UF through campus and community involvement, participation in organized campus activities, and scholastic achievement. 

“I am humbled and grateful to be recognized as part of the Hall of Fame,” Nazarian said. “This great distinction reflects my accomplishments and the unwavering support and direction I have received from my community that believed in me throughout the [academic] journey.” 

“I originally chose UF because of its affordability and stellar reputation as a top university, but it was the community that captivated me and solidified my decision,” Nazarian said. “As a first-generation and low-income student, the cost of attendance was the main factor determining where I would attend. Fortunately, I received financial support from local scholarships, as well as the Southern Scholarship Foundation, allowing me to attend UF.” 

Nazarian said he became interested in earning a degree in industrial and systems engineering after noticing its fascinating curriculum and extensive applications in a variety of industries, both of which matched his interests and career goals. Over the past three summers, he has been able to complete internships at Trane Technologies, Procter & Gamble, and General Mills.  

“My career path and professional interests have been greatly influenced by the UF ISE department,” Nazarian said. “With the help of challenging coursework, practical projects, and industry professionals, I have improved my knowledge and abilities in areas like systems analysis, optimization, and decision-making.” 

Nazarian has also been active and involved in a handful of student organizations on campus. Notably, his involvement began with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the Hispanic Student Association. 

“These two organizations introduced me to the engineering and the Hispanic communities at UF, lighting the spark for my passion for involvement to empower the Hispanic/Latinx communities,” Nazarian said. 

Along with these, he has also been involved in service-oriented organizations such as the Florida Cicerones, Southern Scholarship Foundation and the International Mentorship Association.  

“These organizations have provided me with the support and encouragement I need to grow, so my goal was to give back to these communities,” Nazarian said. 

He said this award is an immense honor, and he is committed to upholding the values of leadership, service and excellence that define the induction. 

“I want to thank my mother for being my biggest source of support and inspiration. She has sacrificed so much to allow my sister and me to grow and succeed here in the U.S.,” Nazarian said. “I want to thank my family, as well as my friends from the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, the Southern Scholarship Foundation and the Florida Cicerones. Their endless support and encouragement are what got me to where I am today.”