Incoming ISE Chair Receives Prestigious Alumni Awards

David Kaber, Ph.D.

Dr. David Kaber, the incoming chair of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) at the University of Florida, has been selected to receive the Outstanding Alumnus Award, given by the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems from the University of Central Florida (UCF).

Kaber received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1991 from UCF, as well as his Master of Science in Industrial Engineering in 1993.

This prestigious award is presented every year to individuals who have continuously made instrumental contributions to society with their research and whose academic careers emulate the legacy of excellence of UCF.

Kaber has previously been recognized for his research, including In 2011, when he was inducted as a Fellow into the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, as well as the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers in 2015 as a result of his studies in occupational ergonomics and occupations and systems-safety engineering. He has also received multiple research grants including the Human-Centered Computing Research Award from the National Science Foundation, and funding from NASA’s Langley Research Center Aviation Safety Program to study the impact of aviation display clutter on overall pilot performance.

Additionally, Kaber will be inducted into the Alumni Academy of the Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering Department from Texas Tech University, where he received his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering in 1996.

“UCF and Texas Tech provided me with foundational education in ISE and they remain very good ISE departments today. I was also fortunate to realize employment opportunities at outstanding institutions like Mississippi State and NC State, which allowed me to contribute to engineering student education and research. I don’t think any one can predict the exact contributions they may make to a discipline as part of a career. I greatly appreciate these recognitions from my alma maters.”

Kaber will be inducted into the Alumni Academy at Texas Tech later this month, and will receive his Outstanding Alumni Award from UCF in May.

Please join ISE and the University of Florida in congratulating Dr. Kaber on these two significant achievements.