ISE Faculty & Student collaboration produces new lab

Health Engine Lab group photo

UF ISE faculty members; Dr. Michelle Alvarado, Dr. Hongcheng Liu, and Dr. Xiang Zhong, have recently collaborated to create the HEALTH-Engine (High-quality Effective Affordable Lean Translational Healthcare – Engineering) Lab.

The lab studies and develops innovative analytical solutions for effective, affordable, efficient, and accessible healthcare practices, while focusing on healthcare quality and patient safety. Alongside ISE faculty members are PhD students; Behshad Lahijanian, Hung-Yi Lee, Aditya Prakash, and Reynerio Sanchez.

The team aims to develop advanced methodologies in optimization, stochastic modeling, simulation, and data analytics to address key healthcare challenges for hospitals, clinics, and other stakeholders in the healthcare system.

Aside from the mission of the lab, bi-weekly seminar series are hosted there for group members to present their research projects and recent progress. The first seminar was on October 4th, 2017, and featured Lahijanian’s talk on her master dissertation entitled, “Proposing a Model for Operating Room Scheduling Based on Fuzzy Surgical Duration.” 

Behshad Lahijanian during her seminar on October 4th.

The next seminar was on October 18th and featured Prakash presenting his work on the “Implementability Analysis of Primary Care Delivery with E-Visits.”

Congratulations to the ISE Faculty and PhD students on their progress within the new HEALTH-Engine Lab.