UPDATED: OEM’s Tammi Gibson wins Superior Accomplishment Award

GAINESVILLE, FL: Ms. Tammi Gibson, a Program Assistant with Outreach Engineering Management (OEM), has been selected to receive a Superior Accomplishment Award (SAA) from the University of Florida. This highly contested award recognizes employees whose efforts and achievements go well beyond their normal duties.

UPDATE (4-25-14): As a result of having won the divisional Superior Accomplishment Award (SAA), Tammi went on to be awarded a Standard Insurance Employee Recognition Award from the University of Florida. Campus-wide this year there were more than 500 nominees, of which 110 were awarded divisional SAAs; among these 110 divisional winners, only 16 were selected for recognition by the university at last week’s Superior Accomplishment Awards Ceremony.  Among these 16 was ISE’s Tammi Gibson.  We are very proud of this accomplishment and greatly appreciate Tammi’s efforts and dedication to the OEM Program over the past 10+ years.  

Ms. Gibson began her role with the OEM program in August 2003 , and has helped to shepherd this interdisciplinary Master’s Degree program for working professionals from its inception as a small experimental program, to its current version as a 500+ alumni program that meets in state-of-the-art facilities in Orlando, FL. Her tireless efforts have contributed strongly to the program’s first-class student services attributes, and have been instrumental in promoting the quality and high expectations associated with OEM.

An awards ceremony was held recognizing the SAA honorees on March 12th at Emerson Alumni Hall.