Lin (BS ’98) Finds Passion in Retail

Susan Lin delivers a lecture to students

GAINESVILLE, FL: “Its not about your first job,” said Susan Lin (BS ISE 1998) when addressing students in the Intro to ISE course on Monday, March 18.  “Its about your foundation for your career — there is a journey to be had.”  Lin’s journey has taken her from software consulting (Manhattan Associates) to management consulting (Kurt Salmon) to retail (The Home Depot).  “I learned what I was excited about — retail.”

Lin has been with The Home Depot for six years and is now Director of Marketing Finance.  She asked the students to think about each step in their career — such as when to get an MBA.  She earned an MBA at Emory University and thought it was an excellent experience.  Of course, she noted that “you can’t get the engineer out of your heart — looking to do things logically and efficiently. ”

She also talked about raising a family while working, urging students to not overlook opportunities, as she has changed jobs with the birth of each of her three children.  “You don’t have to decide to settle for less,” she said.  “Each move has been very good.”

Susan Lin speaks with students after her lecture