ISE Student Startup, Feathr, Named One Startup Likely to Get Even Bigger in 2013

feathr logo and founder

AMSTERDAM, NL: Local startup company, Feathr, was recently listed on The Next Web’s “14 Startups We Predict Will Go Even Bigger in 2013” list. The website asked entrepreneurial investors “If you could invest in any tech startup in 2013, what would it be and why?” Logen Lenz, of Endagon, selected Feathr, stating “so many companies have tried to disrupt the ancient business card, but nobody has yet to completely solve the problem for the masses. [He] feel[s] that Feathr has the right approach and technology to make the business card obsolete in the matter of a few years.”

Feathr is the brainchild of Aidan Augustin, ISE student, and his team of fellow UF students. This is not the first time his company’s app has received recognition, having taken first place at the Florida Venture Forum, being featured on Nibletz, and winning the Gainesville Area Innovation Network “Shootout”.

Feathr is currently housed at the Florida Innovation Hub at UF.