Traditional Choice Working for Stern (BS 1983).

Gainesville, FL (April, 2011): Eric Stern (BS ISE 1983) chose a traditional ISE career path in manufacturing with Rockwell Collins when he graduated. Now, 27 years later with the same company in the same location, his career seems unconventional in a time where employees generally change jobs multiple times over their careers. “I saw IEs throughout the organization and in management roles,” explained Stern to students in the Intro to ISE class when discussing his motivation for choosing Rockwell Collins. His roles over time have encompassed developing labor standards, developing an automated ERP system, and designing new facilities in Melbourne. He now serves as the Senior Director of Manufacturing for Melbourne Operations, responsible for 1500 Rockwell employees. “I’ve been in management positions since three years out of school,” said Stern. “But I’m still an ISE.”