ISE Posts Strong Showing in NRC Rankings.

WASHINGTON, DC (September, 2010): The National Research Council released its long awaited doctoral program rankings in 59 different fields — their first since 1995. The new rankings, which considered data gathered in 2005 and 2006, were delayed until now. ISE, evaluated under the Operations Research, Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering program, was ranked in a number of categories. The data provided was a bit complicated because both the .05 and .95 percentile of rankings were provided. According to the .05 percentile, ISE ranked 4th in faculty research activity, 4th in student support and outcomes and 15th in faculty and student diversity. Overall, ISE was ranked 6th according to survey-based methods and 15th according to the regression-based analysis performed by the NRC. A total of 72 programs were considered, with Stanford leading the overall statistical rankings. The statistics gathered by the NRC included publications per faculty and citations per publication as well as the percentage of faculty with grants and average PhD production. For comparison, the ISE Department received an overall statistical ranking of 19 (at the .05 level), for NRC’s last survey.