Centers & Laboratories

The following centers and laboratories are affiliated with UF ISE:

Center for Applied Optimization (CAO) Lab logoThe Center for Applied Optimization at the University of Florida promotes interdisciplinary applied research among faculty from engineering, mathematics, business, and other fields.

The Computational and Stochastic Optimization Lab at the University of Florida is focused on the modeling of large-scale, stochastic integer programs. Current applications include electricity grid distribution and operation and supply chain logistics.

The HEALTH-Engine Lab at the University of Florida is focused on developing rigorous methods for modeling, analysis, design and improvement of service and healthcare delivery systems, and applying the results in practice.


The Human Informatics and Predictive Performance Optimization develops machine learning and signal processing approaches to capture, characterize, and predict human physiology and system dynamics to optimize the performance of humans within systems  (e.g., Semi-auto vehicles, bio-adaptive virtual reality (VR), aeronautic and space applications, human machine teaming, smart health care systems).

The Human Systems Engineering Lab’s research areas include transportation human factors and human-autonomous vehicle interaction, applying wearable sensing technology and machine learning in occupational injury prevention and rehabilitation, and improving user interactions with new and emerging technologies in safety-critical systems.

Computational and Stochastic Optimization (CSO) Lab logoThe Supply Chain and Logistics Engineering Center at the University of Florida is an interdisciplinary center that encourages joint research and applied projects among faculty from engineering, computer science and business administration in conjunction with industry participants.