Master’s Projects: Class of 2009

Project Title Mentor
Applied Process Improvements in Furniture Inventory Management Geunes
Business Plan for A Contactless Mobile Payment Application Stanfill
CMMI Level X to Level Y:  Degree of Quality Improvement Schaub
Corrosion Rate Study for Life Cycle Assessment of Aerospace Hardware Schaub
Design Standardization of Large Precision Space Structures – A Feasibility Study AitSahlia
Dynamic Price Engine Richard
Feasibility Analysis of Mass Transit Upgrades at KSC Schaub
Helium Scheduler Measurement and Optimization Sapra
Improving Small Caliber Production Efficiency AitSahlia
Laser Line Convergence Vehicle Alignment System Sapra
Lean Event Pearl Harbor Hartman
Lockheed Martin Development Inspection Methods Plan For Receiving Inspection Hartman
Marketing A System to Raise And Lower A Sailboat Mast Schaub
Measuring the Costs of Custom Products Through Better Technology Utilization Middelkoop
Modeling and Analysis of Global Economic Centers of Gravity Smith
NASA Constellation Supply Chain Modeling And Optimization Sapra
Shuttle Integrated Operations Optimization Smith
Start-up for A Small Business Geunes
Systems Engineering Cost Model Hartman
Total Asset Utilization Schaub