Dave Huddleston
OEM Class of 2018
Engineer Level 5
Northrop Grumman Corp.

The best part of OEM has been the experience itself, everything I’ve learned, and the people I have met and worked with along the way! I remember seeing the UF Lake Nona facility for the first time and wondering if I could attend and make it. Now I will look at it and smile and think about the classes, the long evenings and weekends of study!

Ronnie Nienajadlo
OEM Class of 2017, MBA Class of 2018
Technology Section Manager
Northrop Grumman Corp.

All of the hard work has started to pay off and I have started to reach some of the goals I hoped to achieve through the program. I just started a new position at NGC as a Section Manager, and I correlate that success directly to the OEM and MBA programs. I know I wouldn’t have had the same opportunity without the OEM program, and I couldn’t be any happier that I chose this program with UF. I am very proud of my experience with the program and I am very proud to be a UF alumnus.

Garrett Stroup
OEM Class of 2017
Aerospace Subsystems Engineer

My time in the OEM Program was a period of substantial personal and intellectual growth. I thoroughly enjoyed the introduction to topics that I had never seen in my undergrad engineering coursework: marketing, accounting, finance, supply chain/logistics, and much more. The courses I took as a part of the OEM program molded me into a smarter engineer, endowed me with a tiny bit of business savvy, and educated me greatly as a consumer. Hardly a class session went by without some epiphany about the way the business and consumer world works.

Erik Bon Fleur
OEM Class of 2016
Director of Operations
Thunder Jet Boats

The OEM Program wasn’t just a great opportunity for me to grow professionally, but a great opportunity to grow personally. Both the course content and the group work helped prepare me for my new role. It was a wonderful milestone in my career, and without a doubt, helped me get to where I am now.

Lindsay Sowa*
OEM Class of 2016, MBA Class of 2017
Manager of Facilities Operations Services for Environmental Programs
Walt Disney World

…I felt that no matter where my career took me, or wherever I was in the country, a degree from UF would always resonate well. The flexibility of the program was also pretty paramount. It allowed me to merge my school responsibilities with my work and social life. It eased the decision of going back to school while maintaining a full career. One of the more attractive aspects of the OEM program was the not only the master’s in ISE, but the ability to further expand my learning capabilities with the concurrent MBA opportunity. I’m really at a loss of words on how to describe just how important those two degrees have been in forming me into not just an engineer, but an engineer who understands the business side and what it means to be a leader.

*Learn more about Lindsay’s background and perspective in a recent UF ISE Alumni Spotlight article.

Steve Mulhern
OEM Class of 2011
Paveway™ P3I Program
Raytheon Company

The OEM Program certainly was a great experience for me and changed my career path.

Mehul Patel
OEM Class of 2011
Master Black Belt, Process Excellence & Innovation
Verizon (Miami)

I continue to propagate the message of the value of the OEM Program and how it has transformed and opened up more opportunities for me within Verizon. I could not have been where I am if it was not for what I learned from the program!

Jim Toepel
OEM Class of 2009
Director of Product Design

Over the years, I’ve ended up at successively smaller startups. The combination of technical and business knowledge I accrued at the OEM program was phenomenal and helped me lead technical teams into exciting new markets and opportunities. I’m so thankful to have taken the program, with my only regret being that I didn’t add the full MBA option on top. Do this.

Karen Beauchamp
OEM Class of 2004
Systems Analysis
Computer Sciences Raytheon
Patrick Air Force Base

The OEM Program has provided me with so much! I’ve learned things that are directly and immediately applicable to my job; my boss is constantly pinging me about what I’ve learned in OEM and asking me how I think it can best be used in our department. I’ve developed the skills required to excel at my current position or to move on to larger responsibilities, and I’ve made friendships that I’m certain will last a lifetime. And best of all, I’m a Gator! I went into the program with great expectations, and have benefited even more than I could have imagined.

Bernard Hill
OEM Class of 2003
Senior Scientist
Clorox Services
Pleasanton, CA

The OEM program provides a good balance of the technical aspect of engineering with the business side of industry. This program has allowed me to obtain new opportunities and has opened doors for me to advance in my career. The material taught is very practical and provided me with important tools for my job.

Scott McMillen
OEM Class of 2002
Research & Development
Wyeth BioPharma
Dublin, Ireland

I’ve recently accepted a position with an international pharmaceutical company, an opportunity which would never have arisen without a Master’s degree. My new employer was very specifically impressed with my OEM degree –they liked the combination of technical and business training. I am convinced it positioned me into the senior level position I was offered.

Tom Goodwin
OEM Class of 2000
Distribution Ctr. Operations Manager
Motorola Inc.
Harvard, IL

The OEM program was exactly what I was looking for when I decided to go back to school. I felt it was a better option than a pure MBA program because of its technical content, and the one-weekend-a-month schedule fit in better with my busy lifestyle. The professors are world class and the content provides an excellent balance of business and engineering topics. Also, the opportunity to work with other engineers in the area on group projects led to insights and contacts that I will value forever. Without it, I feel I would not have been able to move on to the position that I have today.

Tom Morgan
OEM Class of 2000
1985 UF Mechanical Engineering Graduate

I always wanted to get my master’s, but opportunities for engineering higher education are pretty limited. Then I heard about the OEM program. It’s just fantastic. It’s a visionary approach to learning. The professors were all top notch. The work is challenging, too. It is stretching me, both personally and professionally. The chance to network with other engineers is a big benefit. It is the next step in the career of any engineer who wants to be in management.

Monica Manolas
OEM Class of 1998
VP, Operations & HR
Concrete Pipe Division
Rinker Materials

I selected the OEM program because of the strong engineering component coupled with a management emphasis, and it delivered. The best thing about OEM is that it’s a program especially for managers of industrial processes. For a technical manager, that makes it more than an MBA. An added bonus is the close interaction with engineers from the best companies in the state. We still keep in touch, talking over problems and exchanging ideas–a welcome long-term benefit.

Steve O’Flarity
OEM Class of 1998
Flight Test Director
Pratt & Whitney
West Palm Beach

The OEM program is great. It has a perfect mix of classes and excellent instructors from both the business and engineering sides. OEM was a perfect transition into the business side of engineering, and gave me a better understanding of the business aspects of my company. Following OEM, I completed a 12-month MBA program at UF. The OEM program was the bridge I needed to make this possible.