Sabbrin Shweiki, OEM 23

I only started the OEM Program this Fall, but through its network of peers and faculty members, I already foresee many open doors of opportunities.

Systems Engineer, Pratt & Whitney

Brian Romot, OEM 23

I have only just begun my journey through the OEM Program. Already the course load has proven stimulating and has improved my capabilities. I am confident that the program is going to open doors and allow me to climb the

Staff Engineer, RD, Axogen

Sebastian Escobar, OEM 23

I am now looking at engineering work through broader lenses than I could before. Through classes like Organizational Behavior,  I am able to more critically evaluate interpersonal relationships in the office and develop more meaningful leadership processes.

System Safety Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Parker Bell, OEM 23

I have just started OEM, but I think Organizational Behavior will be very helpful for my career.

Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Judith Villegas, OEM 22

Courses in the OEM Program have taught me to be a better leader and have taught me the business side of engineering. Knowing how my projects are financed allows me to intelligently budget and plan future projects.

Engineering Project Manager, Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority

Michael Brill, OEM 21

OEM has given me insight into additional tools that I can use to tackle problems at work.

Manufacturing Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Ashlynn Figura, OEM 21

I highly recommend joining OEM!  It not only introduced me to some great friends,  but also enhanced my career journey.  In fact, after graduating,  I started my first people leadership role that allowed me to put all my new skills/learnings

Sr. Manager - Sourcing Optimization & Innovation Planning, The Coca-Cola Company

Elizabeth Munion, OEM 21

The relationships we have built throughout our time in the program are irreplaceable. We have expanded our professional networks and also gained lifelong friends.

Software Engineer, L3Harris Technologies

James Wood, OEM 21

OEM has changed the way I approach business problems,  given me the models and techniques to find efficient solutions,  and,  just as important,  given me the ability to effectively communicate with business leaders.

Procurement Engineer, Siemens Energy Inc

Christina Yannette, OEM 21

OEM gave me life-long friends and the knowledge to progress in my career. I traveled internationally with my OEM study buddy and will be watching her get married next year, so the connections and friendships that you make in OEM

Ride Control Engineer, Walt Disney World

Ronnie Nienajadlo, OEM 18

All of the hard work has started to pay off and I have started to reach some of the goals I hoped to achieve through the program. I just started a new position at NGC as a Section Manager, and

Technology Section Manager, Northrop Grumman Corp.

Tyler England, OEM 18

I gained an understanding of business processes that I didn’t have before OEM,  as well as some new analytical/technical skills. Both of these helped me make great progress in my professional development.

Analyst, Advanced Analytics, Rakuten Advertising

Jason Schussler, OEM 18

The knowledge imparted by UF’s experienced and passionate OEM professors has paid dividends year after year in both my professional career and personal life.  It was well worth paying out of pocket.  I look forward to signing back up for

Chief Engineer, USAF

Garrett Stroup, OEM 17

My time in the OEM Program was a period of substantial personal and intellectual growth. I thoroughly enjoyed the introduction to topics that I had never seen in my undergrad engineering coursework: marketing, accounting, finance, supply chain/logistics, and much more.

Aerospace Subsystems Engineer, NAVAIR

Justin Marcello, OEM 17

I feel as though the OEM Program helped to catapult my career out of a stagnant phase and into a new industry. I feel comfortable operating with a number of different teams discussing topics ranging from engineering calls to key

Product Quality Program Manager, Google

Elise Abbate, OEM 17

Having the UF OEM degree enabled me to get experience in a data analyst capacity, and that knowledge has continued to help me use data to facilitate discussions and decisions regarding our supply base in my current position.

Supplier Quality Engineer 4, Leonardo DRS

Erik Bon Fleur, OEM 16

The OEM Program wasn’t just a great opportunity for me to grow professionally, but a great opportunity to grow personally. Both the course content and the group work helped prepare me for my new role. It was a wonderful milestone

Director of Operations, Thunder Jet Boats

Erik Esinhart, OEM 16

OEM and becoming a Gator was the best education decision I could have made. I feel more confident as an engineer and professional.

Manager, Quality Systems Engineering, TechData Synnex

Jessica Knox, OEM 15

OEM has helped me as a manager and overseeing my own profit center. It has helped me with my management style and making my group as profitable as possible.

Office Manager/Civil Engineer, Metric Engineering

Justin Fox, OEM 15

I think the program set me up for the latest stage of my career by expanding my understanding of management in engineering.  I doubt I would have successfully transitioned without this program.

Engineer Manager, Tampa Bay Water

Stefano Carnio, OEM 14

OEM has opened the door to new career opportunities and long-term professional growth.

Manager, Area Operations Support, Duke Energy

Jason Skipper, OEM 13

I learned about Linear Optimization – I used it (Simplex Method) within JAVA to get the most throughput for downloading evidence (video) from police cars.  It reduced total download time from 2.5 hours to 0.5!

VP Software Development, Rekor.ai

David Dunkle, OEM 13

As a mid-career engineer with twenty years of experience, the Outreach Engineering Management Program offered me a great opportunity to earn an Industrial and Systems Engineering Master’s degree from a top-tier engineering department and university.

Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin Space

Daron Weishaar, OEM 13

All of Dr. Geunes’ Excel exercises paid off in developing a story for Senior Air Force Logistics Planners on breakdowns in the CV-22 Osprey’s supply chain program!

Manager, Programs - Defense Analysis & Air Cyber, Peraton

David Souders, OEM 12

The OEM/MBA program enabled me to shift from a technical engineering discipline to business. Ultimately,  the information learned in the program provided a solid foundation for my acceleration into a senior leadership position in my organization.

Vice President of Business Development, Extant Aerospace

Neville Sicard-Gregory, OEM 12

OEM taught me different ways to think about problems and solutions, and it has inspired me every day of my career.

Senior Product Manager, Facebook

Khori Hunter, OEM 12

The OEM Program really accelerated my transition from engineer,  to manager,  to entrepreneur. It provided me the foundation to establish,  scale,  and manage multiple businesses in various industries.

President, Nashkhor Management

Scott Hall, OEM 12

The best outcome from this program is further growing and solidifying the Gator Nation network of friends and colleagues — lifelong connections that are happy to grab coffee,  catch up,  or even put in a good word for career opportunities.

Director, Data and Analytics Solutions, Travel & Leisure

Erin Carris, OEM 10

I understand so much more about how my company runs the business. Decisions that didn’t make sense to me previously,  now do, based on information learned in accounting,  supply chain, etc.  I am comfortable leading a team outside of just

Program Manager, Lockheed Martin

Misty Snopkowski, OEM 09

As an engineer,  the concurrent OEM & MBA program really opened my eyes to another way of thinking. The exposure to different MBA subjects helped to broaden my skill set. The investment was well worth it and has helped to

Program Executive, Commercial Low Earth Orbit Development, NASA

Robert McNeill, OEM 07

The OEM Program presented a great opportunity for advancement, since after working many years as an engineer I saw the need for a change…  After graduating from OEM in 2007, I continued working in engineering for a few more years,

Director of Manufacturing, Omega Medical Imaging

Dawn Thomas, OEM 05

OEM was the catalyst for my deep passion of quality and process improvement which has become a towering strength of mine as I have advanced in my career.

Director- Strategic Initiatives, NextEra Energy

Joe Hancock, OEM 05

The OEM Program has been of tremendous benefit to me.  Both the engineering and business courses have brought me to a level of success that I could not have imagined.

Owner, Hancock Consulting

Brian Graf, OEM 05

OEM has done an excellent job of integrating the business college and engineering college into a master’s degree program, with each course providing practical applications to a wide assortment of businesses represented by the students.

Construction of Facilities Program Manager, NASA

Rick Davis, OEM 04

OEM significantly transformed my career growth.  Specifically,  OEM provided meaningful skills and credibility that increased my ability to contribute,  increased my earning potential,  and allowed me to stand out in a competitive job market.

Vice President – Quality Management, MTF Biologics

David Ott, OEM 04

OEM was one of the highlights of my life.  I really enjoyed the camaraderie both with our studies and our after-school bonding the class of 2004 had together.  It advanced my career and I developed some great relationships with several

Systems Eng Sr Manager, Lockheed Martin

Dick Guthrie, OEM 04

The OEM curriculum gave me increased understanding of the relationship of engineering issues to business considerations, resulting in promotions to 2nd-level engineering management in an international engineering organization spanning 3 continents.

Technical Director, Elbit America

David Colburn, OEM 04

The experience was extremely valuable in achieving a higher level understanding of business and engineering principles in the combined class structure of OEM. Most of all I enjoyed the interactions in the classroom with the professors and fellow students.

Western Zirconium Plant Manger, Westinghouse Electric Co LLC

John Mertens, OEM 03

I joined OEM 20 years after I had earned my B.S.  After earning the OEM degree, I was promoted into engineering management. I led a group of engineers for 15+ yrs.  I have now moved back to a systems engineering

Staff Systems Engineer, Honeywell Aerospace

Bill McElroy, OEM 02

The OEM Program set the trajectory for completion of my consulting career as the engineering leader of a major office in a global engineering company. Ultimately,  it led to my current role and the evolution of our current curricula and

Associate Director and Instructional Professor, University of Florida Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering

Michael Kapotsy, OEM 02

OEM provided me with many opportunities to connect with other working professionals and create lasting memories.  It also afforded me valuable insight into other areas of the industry that helped transform my view of business and engineering in general.

Director of Engineering & Operations - Eglin AFB, CHELCO

Tom Goodwin, OEM 00

The OEM program was exactly what I was looking for when I decided to go back to school. I felt it was a better option than a pure MBA program because of its technical content, and the one-weekend-a-month schedule fit

Distribution Ctr. Operations Manager, Motorola Inc.

Tonda MacLeod, OEM 00

OEM has been incredibly beneficial for my career and it seems like just a few days have passed, rather than a couple of decades. The curriculum mix is a perfect foundation for those with a more technical background (in my

Mission Assurance Lead, Nuvotronics

John Russo, OEM 98

OEM prepared me to transition from engineer to leader,  providing me the foundation for what’s required to advance to a leadership position. Today our engineering leaders have to be business leaders as well as having the technical background.

Senior Director, Honeywell

Brian Genter, OEM 98

My MSIE degree paved the way for me to join Lockheed Martin and later on to become an industrial engineer there.  The program piqued my interest in continuous improvement,  something I have enjoyed practicing for the past 23 years.

Industrial Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Steve O’Flarity, OEM 98

The OEM Program is great. It has a perfect mix of relevant classes and excellent instructors from business and engineering aspects. OEM was a critical transition into the business challenges of engineering, and gave me a better all-around understanding of

Former Flight Test Director, Pratt & Whitney; Aviation Sustainability Consultant