Term Course Course Name and Description Credits
Fall ESI 6314 Deterministic Methods in Operations Research: Introduction to basic models and their solution with modern computer packages. Emphasis on modeling, computer solution, and sensitivity analysis with minimal reference to model theory and development of algorithmic methods. 4
Fall MAN 5245 Organizational Behavior: Relationships among the individual administrator and supervisors, the employees supervised, and associates at a comparable level in the organization. 3
Spring ESI 6346 Decision Making Under Uncertainty: Introduction to the use of quantitative models for decision-making in environments where uncertainty is present.  Focuses on fundamentals of probability simulation, Markov chains, queuing analysis, decision trees and dynamic programing. 3
Spring ACG 5065 Financial and Managerial Accounting: Financial statement analysis including techniques, cash flow, and impact of accounting principles. Management control systems: planning, budgeting, reporting, analysis, and performance evaluation. 3
Summer ESI 6323 Models for Supply Chain Management: Essential elements including controlling and coordinating activities such as order processing, purchasing, material storage and handling, production scheduling, packaging, transportation, and setting customer service standards. 3
Summer FIN 5405 Business Financial Management:Analysis of business financing and investing decisions. 3
Fall EIN 6176 Advanced Quality Management and Engineering for Business Processes: Philosophy of continuous improvement and methodology for applying team problem solving to manufacturing and service industries. Hands-on application of basic statistical quality tools; introduction to quality function deployment; concurrent engineering; business process reengineering; process analysis; benchmarking. Team project. 3
Fall MAR 5805 Problems and Methods in Marketing Management: Concepts and techniques for resolving marketing management problems through the case method. 3
Spring EIN 6905 Master’s Project: Laboratory, lecture, field work, or conferences.

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Spring MAN 6721 Business Policy: Integrating and applying the various functional and support areas of business administration. Business policy making and administration from the general manager’s perspective. 3
Total Credits in Program 32