Concurrent OEM/MBA

Concurrent OEM/MBA


The OEM program is an excellent preparation for a management career in the technical realm, since it combines important technical skills with a solid preparation in business fundamentals. Many OEM graduates have seen the advantage of getting an MBA degree in addition to the degree awarded through the OEM program. Through an innovative program, students are able to probe deeper into the core business subjects and develop new business expertise by building on the OEM coursework to earn concurrently both the OEM and MBA degrees. The MBA curriculum provides advanced skills in areas such as finance, marketing, logistics, international business, and strategy. In the MBA portion of the concurrent program, following a year of OEM coursework, you will team with business professionals from a variety of backgrounds, including those with experience in accounting, finance, marketing and operations. This additional training provides an excellent foundation for those aspiring to senior management.

OEM applicants do not have to decide whether or not they will apply for the concurrent degree option until they are in their fourth semester of the OEM program. Upon acceptance and admission into the MBA program, concurrent degree students take the MBA courses for the next three semesters via a slightly modified version of the Online MBA program. The Online MBA requires one campus visit for orientation and to interact with fellow students and MBA faculty. Concurrent degree students are exempted from completing the Foundations Review course that is normally required of MBA students. The student has a choice of completing the OEM Master’s Project course in either the fifth or the eighth (final) semester. Although the OEM Master’s Project course will be taken while the student is enrolled in the MBA program, the OEM Master’s Project course only requires a meeting in January and April (i.e., not every month). The student’s decision about when to complete the OEM Master’s Project determines when the OEM degree can be conferred.

Students who choose to finish the OEM program and wait for some period of time before enrolling in the MBA program are still eligible to apply for a shortened MBA option, but the duration and number of courses required in that case would be greater than what is available by participation in the concurrent degree option.

More details about the structure of this program, as well as the curriculum and application requirements, are included below.

Program Structure

  • 4 semesters of OEM (weekend format)
  • 3 semesters of MBA (online format)
  • 1 final semester concludes OEM & MBA (includes the OEM Master’s Project course, as well as MBA coursework)

By default, both degrees are awarded at the end of eight (8) semesters, but the OEM degree can be awarded sooner if desired.


Curriculum – OEM with Online MBA

In the spirit of continuous improvement and in order to maximize the educational experience, we often review the curriculum and we may implement an update in order to keep pace with industrial and technology trends. Online MBA component meets once for orientation in Gainesville.

Term Program Course Course Name Instructor Credits Cost
1. Fall OEM ESI 6314 Deterministic Methods in Operations Research Guan 4 $3,740
OEM MAN 5245 Organizational Behavior Podsakoff 3 $2,805
2. Spring OEM ESI 6346 Decision Making Under Uncertainty Semenov 3 $2,805
OEM ACG 5065* Financial & Managerial Accounting Asare 3 $2,805
3. Summer OEM ESI 6323* Models for Supply Chain Management Li 3 $2,805
OEM FIN 5405 Business Financial Management Banko 3 $2,805
4. Fall OEM EIN 6176 Advanced Quality Management and Engineering for Business Processes Reisi & Xian 3 $2,805
OEM MAR 5805 Problems and Methods in Marketing Management Alba 3 $2,805
(Upon acceptance to MBA Program) nonrefundable deposit (upon acceptance) $1,500
5. Spring MBA GEB 5212* Professional Writing Barnes 3 $4,613
OEM EIN 6905 Master’s Project (varies) 4 $3,740
6.  Summer A MBA MAR 6930 Brand Management Lutz 3 $4,613
MBA GEB 5114 Entrepreneurship & Venture Finance Gentry 3 $4,613
7.  Summer B MBA FIN 6425 Corporate Finance Nimelandran 3 $4,613
MBA MAR 6930* Marketing Analytics Kumar 3 $4,613
8. Fall MBA MAN 6619^^ International Logistics Carrillio 3 $4,613
MBA FIN 6930^ Investments AitSahlia 3 $4,613
9. Spring A (~5 wks) MBA GEB 6637 Global Strategic Management Kraft 3 $4,613
Choose 5 thru 9 MBA TBD Experiential Learning – see below TBD 3 $4,613
Nonrefundable deposit return ($1,500)
Total  56 $68,632
Experiential Learning examples include a business simulation, consulting project, Washington campus, Global Immersion Experience (2 cr) plus Global Business Concepts (1 cr online). Experiential learning and residency offerings will vary by term.

MBA courses are offered in a modular format approx 10 weeks long (except term 9) and are subject to change.

* Indicates course shares credits between the OEM and MBA degrees.
^ Indicates course may be substituted with a residency or online elective OR a Global Immersion Experience (GIE) + Global Business Concepts. Only one GIE will count towards the credit hours required for the degree. Students are responsible for all travel related expenses including airfare and program fees.
^^May substitute another International course (such as International Marketing or International Finance) offered in a residency or online format.

More Information about MBA Course Fees:
The University imposes fees for building, capital improvement, technology, and student financial aid.  These fees are included in the above projected costs and are subject to change each fall. Students participating in a Global Immersion Experience or the Washington Campus will incur additional charges. The deposit applies only towards term 9. It is nonrefundable if you do not complete the program. Late fees may be assessed on delinquent accounts. PLEASE CONTACT THE MBA OFFICE FOR DEADLINES TO WITHDRAW FROM COURSES WITHOUT FINANCIAL PENALTY.



Application Requirements

OEM students who wish to enroll in the concurrent degree program must apply and be admitted to the MBA program. The admission requirements are unique to that program. Before applying, the applicant must have successfully completed the first two semesters of the OEM program. The application components are:

  • UF Graduate School application (select MBA)
  • MBA Application (the OEM file will also be shared with the MBA office)
  • Updated Résumé

Comparison Chart for Various Degree Options

Program Format Fees* Credit Hours Duration
OEM only one weekend per month in Orlando $29,920 32 20
Online MBA only online (with one meeting in Gainesville at the beginning of the program) $59,807 48 24
Concurrent Degree
(OEM + Online MBA)
one weekend per month in Orlando, then online (with one class meeting in Gainesville at the beginning of the program) $68,632 56 32
*The above costs are projected, based on program fees for the OEM Class of 2023. Actual costs may be higher, and students should budget additional funds for textbooks. The University imposes fees for building, capital improvement, technology, and student financial aid.  These fees are included in the above projected costs and are subject to change each fall.