Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have to miss a class weekend?
If you have a valid excuse, your instructors will work with you so that you are not penalized. It’s important to inform them as early as possible. Classmates will also be a valuable resource. Please keep in mind that each class weekend constitutes about 1/4 of the semester’s instruction, so missing a weekend should be avoided if at all possible.

How much out of class time is required? On average, our students tell us that they spend about 10-15 hours per week studying and completing assignments outside of the monthly meetings. However, this amount does vary by semester, and depends on the strengths and weaknesses of each student.

How old is the program?
The Engineering Management program was established on campus in fall 1991, and the outreach version (OEM) began in 1996. The first OEM class graduated in May 1998. There are now nearly 900 alumni of the OEM Program.

When will this program be offered?
A new program will begin each fall. We do not have any options to begin the program in the spring or summer semesters.

What are the class meeting times for the program?
Classes meet on Saturdays and Sundays one weekend per month. Classes typically begin at 8:00am and last until around 5:00pm each day, with a one hour break for lunch (noon-1pm) and periodic short breaks throughout the day.

Can the OEM program help with lodging needs?
Yes, we have made arrangements for special pricing with a hotel that is less than a mile from our classroom facility. We share this information with incoming students so they can take advantage of the discounted price.

What degree will I earn upon completion of this program?
You will receive an engineering master’s degree–more specifically, a Master of Science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering with a specialization in Engineering Management.

Can I transfer graduate credits to be counted for completion of this degree?
No. There will be no transfer credits allowed for completion of this program. Due to the unique and lockstep/cohort nature of this program, it is essential that all coursework be taken sequentially and in conjunction with the entire enrollment population.

How does this program differ from the on-campus program?
The part-time program is equivalent academically to our traditional full-time program. Your diploma and transcript will not reflect a distinction. However, OEM is presented in a lockstep, cohort-style format, and you will be taking classes with other working professionals, so networking opportunities are outstanding.

Are other UF engineering graduate degree programs available for working professionals?
Yes. Various graduate engineering courses and degree options are available via electronic delivery through UF EDGE (Electronic Delivery of Graduate Engineering) Program.

How does this program differ from an MBA?
The OEM Program includes engineering coursework as well as management coursework (an MBA only includes business coursework). Although you will earn an engineering degree, the program provides you with the MBA core curriculum and qualifies you to apply for one of UF’s shortened MBA programs, available in both weekend and online format. Our innovative concurrent degree program provides the opportunity to get an MBA (in additional to the MS in ISE) with only one more year of classes.

Are there networking opportunities available through the program?
Yes. The program has a cohort structure, so students get to know each other well during the 20 months of classes. The program also provides various opportunities for interacting beyond the classroom setting, including receptions at the end of each semester and occasional regional events which are designed to foster relationships among the OEM network, which include well over 800 OEM alumni and current students.

What types of opportunities are available for graduates of the program?
There are excellent career opportunities for graduates of this program. Graduates of our traditional engineering master’s program have consistently enjoyed outstanding career opportunities, including placement with companies such as Intel, Motorola, IBM, Accenture, and Ernst & Young. OEM students have full access to the University’s Career Resource Center, which maintains close connections with nearly all corporate employers of technical graduates. Due to the high caliber of applicants that the program attracts, students will often take classes with and have exposure to hiring managers at some of the strongest technical employers in the state.

Tell me about the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).
**The GRE requirement has been waived for the program beginning Fall 2020.  This is a temporary adjustment to UF Graduate School policy and is a result of testing difficulties associated with COVID-19.  The GRE requirements will be reinstated for future programs. As a general policy (i.e., in non-COVID 19 conditions), all applicants must take the GRE unless they have already successfully completed an approved advanced degree program. Typically, applicants will not need to retake the GRE if they have an advanced degree (such as a master’s degree, PhD, JD, etc.) from a regionally accredited program that requires the GRE or GMAT for admission. The General Test, which contains the verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing portions of the exam, is required; the Engineering Subject Exam is not. The GRE is administered by computer at Prometric Testing Centers (many are located inside Sylvan Learning Centers). To register, visit the GRE website ( or call (800) 473-2255. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) maintains scores for five (5) years. If you have previously taken the GRE, but cannot obtain an official score from ETS, contact the OEM office to see if your scores are already on record with UF. Other standardized tests, such as the GMAT, cannot be substituted.

Should I wait until my application is complete before I submit it for admission to the program?
You are welcome to submit portions of your application as you finish them. Since transcripts, GRE scores, and the application are all coming from different sources, it is good to have part of your application on file so that you can be partially evaluated, and the admissions process can be underway.

What about transcripts?
Send an official transcript from each college, university or professional school you have attended, even if you were not a degree candidate. If you graduated from UF, you do not need to have your UF transcript sent to us. When you indicate on your application that you are a UF graduate, we will know to access your UF record directly. If, however, you have attended other universities since your graduation date, even if you were not a degree candidate, you will need to have a transcript from those institutions forwarded to us. More information about transcript requirements is available on our How to Apply page.

Can I go through the regular University of Florida commencement ceremony?
Yes, we encourage OEM students to do so. You will have the same status as any University of Florida student.

Does the program require that students have a computer?
Yes. A personal computer is an integral part of the educational experience at the University of Florida. Computers will be used for communicating with faculty, staff and other students, as well as completing assignments, statistical analysis and research. Each student is required to have unrestricted access to a computer that meets or exceeds the most updated specifications. You may sometimes need to have a laptop for use during class sessions.

Can my coursework in this program be used to satisfy the continuing education requirement for licensed Professional Engineers in Florida?
Yes. The OEM Program is an approved continuing education provider. Our provider number is EXP 00109. Each hour of classroom instruction is equal to one professional development hour (PDH). More information about the Florida Board of Professional Engineers continuing education requirement is available at

How is the price of the program determined?
The program is self-supporting, so all costs for offering the program are recovered from student fees. Fees are prorated by credit hour and are due at the beginning of each semester.

When are fees due?
There is a $500 partial pre-payment of the first semester fees due prior to enrollment in this program. Each semester’s fees are due at the beginning of the semester.

How can I get help to pay for the program?
Many corporations will reimburse for part or all of the program fees. Check with your Human Resources office. This program also qualifies for higher education loans (see below). The Lifetime Learning tax credit may also offer federal income tax relief.  The UF Industrial & Systems Engineering (UF ISE) Department does offer a limited number of scholarships for enrolled UF ISE students.  For more information about other external scholarships and private scholarships, including a link for a scholarship search engine, click here.

Where can I get information about various loan options?
* U.S. Dept. of Education ( or 1-800-433-3243)
* FinAid (
* UF Student Financial Affairs (