To meet the career needs of technical managers, the University of Florida offers an engineering management master’s degree program for working professionals. This joint program by UF’s Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering and UF’s Warrington College of Business enables students to earn a master’s degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering with an engineering management concentration.


The program is designed so that working professionals are able to balance work, family activities and studies without having to choose an online program. Classes are presented live by UF engineering and business faculty one weekend per month, with two full days of instruction on Saturday and Sunday. The program takes 20 months to complete and begins every August.

Much of the coursework is completed in groups. Students who live in the same geographic area may choose to collaborate outside of class. This works hand in hand with the OEM Program’s online resources, which make communicating with teammates and other classmates very convenient. Faculty and teaching assistants are in daily contact with the class.


The curriculum consists of a combination of engineering and business courses. The core of the engineering portion is optimization and statistics. The MBA core classes are taught by senior MBA faculty, and students receive a solid working background in organizational behavior, accounting, finance, marketing, and business policy. These core classes also qualify OEM students to apply for a concurrent degree program which awards an MBA degree after as few as twelve months of additional study.


  • New Technical & Management Skills – Learn to model for better decision making, and at the same time complete the MBA core so you will go beyond being just a technical expert.
  • Builds Your Network – One of the most rewarding aspects of the OEM experience is the development of lifelong friendships and professional contacts. You also get the opportunity to work with highly accomplished faculty.
  • Resources & Support – As a UF student, you will have access to the same resources as traditional students (student loans, career center, all state university libraries, commencement ceremony, sporting events, etc.).


  • Degree Recognition – Both the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering and the MBA program at the University of Florida consistently receive outstanding rankings.
  • The program is well respected by industry, and many of the nation’s strongest technical employers sponsor students each year.
  • Students and alumni consistently provide positive feedback, and report career advancements as a result of the skills and credentials acquired in OEM.  Check out our numerous TESTIMONIALS for more details.