Apply Now!

Apply Now!

For prerequisite information, please visit Admissions Requirements.


1.  Complete the Online Application and submit your $30 non-refundable application fee (credit card payments require an additional $7 processing fee).

  • On page 3 under “Location” please select “Outreach Eng Management Program.”
  • On page 4, under “Program of Study” select “Industrial and Systems Engineering” (Master of Science) for the Fall 2023 term.  Then, in the “Additional Information” section, please input “OEM” in “Program Specialization,” and “Patsy Messinger” in “Department Contact Name.”
  • On page 5, under “Self Reported GPA Calculation” please input your upper division (junior/senior) academic record data as requested on the form.  You will need to have access to your transcript to complete this section.  The self-reported GPA calculation is a required component that is considered separately from your overall GPA.  If you skip this section, your file will not be considered complete, and you will be required to log back in to your application later to complete it, causing a delay in the processing of your application.  The only exceptions are for cases where the degree-granting institution did not utilize a traditional grading system (e.g., international institutions or certain US institutions).
  • On page 8, upload the following supporting documents:
    • Résumé. This can also be emailed to
    • Statement of Purpose. When composing your 400-500 word essay, please address the following: (1) Why you selected the University of Florida and the OEM Program of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. (2) Which personal qualities best support your success in the OEM Program and your subsequent career. (3) Describe a position that would be ideal for you after you complete the OEM Program.
    • Current Photo. Please upload a current color passport-style photo that has a square aspect ratio with minimum dimensions of 600 x 600 pixels, and is saved in JPEG format. This can also be emailed to (either when applying or after admission).  If you are admitted, your photo will be included in a class picture book that is distributed to all incoming OEM students and faculty.
    • Transcripts. Official transcripts are required, but enclosing uploaded versions is very helpful for purposes of expediting the processing of your file.  More about official transcripts is included below.
  • On page 9, please input at least two references, preferably work-based. After you have submitted your application, your recommenders will be emailed a link at which they will be asked to rank you in various areas, and where they can upload a traditional letter of recommendation.  For various reasons, we prefer that you use the online tool to submit your recommendations, but if that cannot be done, we will accept a traditional letter of recommendation emailed to, directly from the reference’s business email account.
  • On page 10, please complete the residency affidavit. Note that residency will not impact the amount of program fees that you will pay as an OEM student, but as a state university, we are required to maintain residency classification records for all students.

2.  Submit Official Transcripts – You will need to send an official transcript from every college or university that you attended, regardless of whether you earned a degree there, unless that coursework and the associated grades earned already appear on the transcript from which you earned your degree.  If you attended UF, you will not need to send a UF transcript, as we will be able to access your UF records directly and add them to your file.

Please request that your transcripts be sent to the UF Office of Admissions:

  • Electronic Transcripts.  If your school offers the option of sending electronic transcripts, please note that UF only accepts electronic transcripts managed by the services e-SCRIP-SAFE, Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse, Credential Solutions, and Transcripts Plus. If sending electronic transcripts via one of these five carriers, please note that the transcripts must be emailed directly from one of these five carriers to Electronic transcripts sent from other carriers will not be treated as official transcripts. Similarly, if electronic transcripts from one of the above carriers are emailed directly to the OEM Program office, then they will not be considered official. They will only be accepted as official if emailed from the carrier directly to Thank you for your cooperation with this university policy.
  • Paper Transcripts.  If you will not be submitting transcripts electronically, please have your official transcripts sent to:

UF Office of Admissions
PO Box 114000
Gainesville FL 32611-4000

3.  Notify the OEM office that you have applied – It is important that you notify us that you have submitted your application. Please send an email that includes your full name and a phone number at which you can be reached in case questions/problems arise with your submission. If you have any pending items (such as recommendations), please explain the status of those outstanding items  in the body of the email, so we will know what to expect. Please send the email to:

The following application items may also be required for international students:

  • Official TOEFL Score Report:  If English is not your native language and if you have not been enrolled for one year or longer at an institution in an English-speaking country, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required. Residents of US territories and protectorates must submit TOEFL scores.
  • An official degree statement or diploma. If your official academic transcripts and diploma or Certification Statement of Degree Confirmation is not in English, then you will also be required to provide us with an original certified English translation of these documents.