Master’s Projects: Class of 2005

Project Title Mentor
Assigning Sand Pits Using Mixed Integer Programming Geunes
CMMI for SE/SW with Agile Processes Romeijn
COTS in a Traditional Non-COTS Environment – A Supply Chain Management Perspective Geunes
ERP Implementation And BPR Tufekci
FBI Encoding Automation Kaizen and Post-Event Analysis Schaub
Feasibility of Using Bundled Inventory for Long Term Projects Akcali
Global Positioning System (GPS) Percipitable Water in Forecasting Lightning at Spaceport Canaveral Romeijn
Improved Reliability through Efficient Use of Data and Resources Romeijn
Increasing Performance through the Implementation of Lean Strategies Tufekci
Is CMMI and EVMS the Answer to Software Project Failure? Schaub
Nanobit Improvement Project Schaub
New Manufacturing Equipment Acquisition and Implementation Process Tufekci
Optimizing the Mix of Transmission Planning Projects for Electric Utilities Romeijn
Probabilistic and Deterministic Analysis of Gas Turbine Vane Metal Thickness and TBC Coating Thickness Romeijn
Process Improvement:  Boeing Delta IV Maintenance Program Tufekci
Procurement Management in the Defense Contracting Industry:  Engineer-to-Order vs. Build-to-Print Geunes
Re-Engineering Performance Management Schaub
Statistical Process Control for the Capability Maturity Model Integration Romeijn
Strike Price Optimization Geunes/AitSahlia
Taking Process Management to the Next Level Schaub
United Space Alliance Nonconformance Information System Akcali