Master’s Projects: Class of 2004

Project Title Mentor
A Business Case Simulation for Redevelopment of Commercial Buildings into Storage Facilities Shen
A Method to Estimate Measurement Error in A Non-Linear System Romeijn
A Methodology for Process and Product Improvement in Innovative Organizations Tufekci
A Predictive ABC Model for ROI Projections Shen
Activity Based Costing for Dental Office Management Shen
Analysis of the Decision to Produce the Airbus A380; Ramifications for the Civil Passenger Aircraft Industry Geunes
Assessment of Management Actions to Address Cyclic Combustion Turbine Business 1998 – 2003/Siemens Westinghouse Power Corp – G12 Schaub
Build to Order Inventory System:  A New Look at Production Schaub
Developing a Preventative Maintenance Program for the CCAFS 1A Command Systems Geunes
Establishing a Successful Supplier Evaluation Process Shen
Evaluation of Financial Risks and Benefits of Major Capital Projects at Progress Energy’s Nuclear Generation Group Romeijn
GFE UUT Tracking & Repair:  Process Improvement Event Tufekci
Introducing a Small Business to Quality Management Schaub
Lean Initiative of the Harris Environmental Lab Tufekci
One NASA Initiative:  A New Vision and Cultural Change Schaub
Optimization of Technical and Industrial Courses in Georgia’s Technical College Tufekci
Planning For Success:  IMP/IMS Development Course/If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail Akcali
Probabilistic Metrics and Capability Maturity Modeling Integration (CMMI) Romeijn
Quality Improvement at BRPH Companies Schaub
Raytheon Network Centric Systems/Design for 6 Sigma:  The JTT Single Board Computer Shen
Reengineering the Delivery and Documentation of Regulatory Required Training Schaub
Re-Engineering the Release Process at lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control – Orlando Tufekci
Siemen’s Global Procurement Process to Improve Life Here, Extend Life There, Forward Life Beyond Geunes
The Efficient Utilization of Facility Transporters with the Use of Simulation Shen
Thermoplastic Extrusion Scheduling on Parallel Machines Geunes
Use of Decision Tree Analysis in Combination with Utility Functions for Establishing the Optimum Development of an Optimum Business Strategy for New Nuclear Fuel Material Designs Accounting for Risk Romeijn