Master’s Projects: Class of 2003

Project Title Mentor
ABC Analysis, WIP Management and Profit/Loss Analysis for Cortical Allograft Production Akcali
Aggregate Operations Planning and Inventory Management in a Bulk Orange Juice Supply Chain Geunes
Assuring 24 Hour Readiness at Ener-Co Power Plants Shen
Decision Support Structure within an Independent Power Producer Tufekci
Defect and Cost Reduction on Engineering Orders Tufekci
Design of the Career Services Center at Central Florida Community College Schaub
Dusting the Supply Chain for Fingerprints Geunes
Economic & Quality Impacts of Materials Verification Testing on FDOT Construction Projects Romeijn
Forecasting & Inventory Management of Components Used in Highly Configurable Products Geunes
Improving Cross-Functional Communication Using Basic Information Technology Shen
Motive Power Assignment Methods for the Eel River Railroad Akcali
Optimization of Truck Fleets at Roof Tile Delivery Inc. Geunes
Project Management Toolset (PMT) Romeijn
Purchase or Produce Romeijn
Quality Assessment of a Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility Schaub
Quality at Electron Machine Corporation Schaub
Reengineering Bekaert Combustion Technology’s Production Cycle Tufekci
Re-Engineering the Engineering Process & Inventory Planning at SMI Joist Company Geunes
Reengineering the Structure of IES for the Future Schaub
Serviceability for Sub-Acute Patient Monitors Tufekci
Technology and Applications of Solar Power Schaub
The Traditional Application of Lean Production Is Inherently Un-Lean: Strategic Implementation of the Lean Enterprise Tufekci
Total Quality Management at Lockheed Martin Corporation Schaub
U.S. Manufacturing: A Thing of the Past Tufekci
United Space Alliance’s Work Documentation Supply Chain at Kennedy Space Center Shen
United Space Alliance’s Work Documentation Supply Chain at Kennedy Space Center Shen
Variable Cost Productivity (VCP) Tool Improvement Geunes
Virtual Office:  A Business Transformation Project at BCBS of Florida Schaub