Undergraduate Research Projects in Data Analytics

Below is a list of the current undergraduate research projects in data analytics:

Aleksandr Kazachkov, Ph.D.

Nonprofit Decision Analytics

Department:  Industrial and Systems Engineering
Email: Aleksandr Kazachkov,akazachkov@ufl.edu
Ph.D. Student Mentor(s): Thomas O’Connell, thomas.oconnell@ufl.edu
Terms Available: Fall, Spring, Summer
Student Level: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior, 2 students per term
Prerequisites: Understanding of analysis of algorithms, experience with linear or integer optimization preferred but not necessary. Python or Julia programming experience helpful.
Credit:  0-3 credits via EGN 4912
Stipend: none unless selected for University Scholars
Application Requirements: Resume, UF Unofficial Transcripts, and Faculty Interview; To request an interview, email one pdf file with all application requirements to akazachkov@ufl.edu.
Application Deadline: March 1 for the summer term, July 15 for fall term, and November 1 for spring term
Website: akazachk.github.io
Project Description:There is an opportunity to partner with a local Gainesville nonprofit to explore improvements to their operational efficiency and/or analyze the fairness of their current allocation or logistics strategies. This would begin with a data-gathering phase and a cost-benefit of analysis of technological interventions compared to the organization’s existing approach. A key focus of this work is to investigate if there exist better policies to improve allocations over time. Another avenue is exploring the nonprofit’s responses when facing disaster scenarios.