Undergraduate Research Projects in Data Analytics

Below is a list of the current undergraduate research projects in data analytics:

Aleksandr Kazachkov, Ph.D.

Nonprofit Decision Analytics

Department:  Industrial and Systems Engineering
Email: Aleksandr Kazachkov,akazachkov@ufl.edu
Ph.D. Student Mentor(s): Thomas O’Connell, thomas.oconnell@ufl.edu
Terms Available: Fall, Spring, Summer
Student Level: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior, 2 students per term
Prerequisites: Understanding of analysis of algorithms, experience with linear or integer optimization preferred but not necessary. Python or Julia programming experience helpful.
Credit:  0-3 credits via EGN 4912
Stipend: none unless selected for University Scholars
Application Requirements: Resume, UF Unofficial Transcripts, and Faculty Interview; To request an interview, email one pdf file with all application requirements to akazachkov@ufl.edu.
Application Deadline: March 1 for the summer term, July 15 for fall term, and November 1 for spring term
Website: akazachk.github.io
Project Description:There is an opportunity to partner with a local Gainesville nonprofit to explore improvements to their operational efficiency and/or analyze the fairness of their current allocation or logistics strategies. This would begin with a data-gathering phase and a cost-benefit of analysis of technological interventions compared to the organization’s existing approach. A key focus of this work is to investigate if there exist better policies to improve allocations over time. Another avenue is exploring the nonprofit’s responses when facing disaster scenarios.


Minhee Kim, Ph.D.

Deep learning framework for modeling and predictive analysis of industrial and engineering systems

Department:  Industrial and Systems Engineering
Terms Available: Fall, Spring, Summer
Student Level: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior
Prerequisites: Experiences in machine learning and coding (preferably in Python or R).
Credit:  0-3 credits via EGN 4912
Stipend: none unless selected for scholarship program.
Application Requirements: Please email your CV and transcript to mkim3@ufl.edu
Project Description: This project will explore the development, implementation, and validation of deep learning algorithms for modeling and predictive analysis of various industrial and engineering systems. Here, systems can mean different things, such as manufacturing machines or even human subjects. Based on the targeted applications, unique research challenges will be set, such as heterogeneity or data sparsity. The student will develop, implement and validate the deep learning algorithms in addressing these challenges.