Poster Presenter Guidance

Poster Presenter Guidance

The conference poster session will take place on 11/18/22 from 3:00p-5:45p at the UFRAC in the 3rd Floor Lobby (Room 301). Please note that all poster submissions must be presented in person. There is no hybrid/Zoom option for this session. If you are a poster presenter, you should plan to staff your poster for at least 1.25 hrs. during the identified time-block. You should arrive at the session/lobby approximately 15 min. in advance of the start of the session.

Your poster print-out will need to be clipped to a foam mounting board at the conference venue. You will be provided with eight gator clips and a foam board (at the poster assembly station in the UFRAC 3rd Floor Lobby). In addition, you will also be provided with a portable easel (on loan) for the poster session. You will need to place your mounted poster on the easel.

As we previously advised in email, all posters printouts must address the following requirements:

  • Size of 48″ wide x 36″ high
  • A professional title followed by author names and affiliations (at the top of the poster)
  • Title text at 64-72pt., subtitle text at 28-36 pt., sub-subtitle text at 24-30 pt. and body text at 18-24pt.
  • Minimum sections to include Introduction, Objectives, Methods (to be performed or completed), Results and discussion (generated or pending), conclusions (addressing objectives), acknowledgements, and references.

Once again, there is no standard design template for poster presentations as part of the conference. You must prepare and print your poster in advance of the meeting. There will be NO available on-site poster printing service.

Please contact Dr. Boyi Hu ( ) if you have any questions on preparation of your poster or the logistics of presentation.

Thanks again for your contribution to the meeting and we look forward to seeing you in Orlando!