Ph.D. students

Xin Zan

Started August 2019

Research interest: Xin Zan’s research interests mainly focus on big data analytics, modeling and monitoring to systematically develop data-driven methodologies by combining advanced statistics and machine learning techniques with domain knowledge to improve system performance in various applications, including healthcare, manufacturing, etc.

Dongmin Li

Started May 2021

Research interest: Dongmin Li’s research interests mainly focus on big data analytics, modeling, real-time monitoring and adaptive sampling for big data streams. By developing data-driven methodologies that incorporate domain knowledge with advanced statistical and operational techniques, her research enables effective system surveillance and system performance improvement in wide applications such as manufacturing, environmental monitoring, etc.

Minsung Kang  

Started August 2021

Research interest: Machine learning and deep learning





Master students

Hanwen Liu (2020-2021)

Gawtam Bhat (2020-2021)

Jiamin Chen (2022-present)

Undergrad students

Ali Hussain (2020-2021)

Aparna Sai Nimmagadda (2022-2023)

Katherine Hughes (2023)