Past Events


Meeting #1

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Speaker: Dr. J. Cole Smith

Location & Time: McCarty B Room G108,11:45am-12:35pm


Ph.D Program Overview by Dr. Cole Smith
Preceding his presentation, Dr. Smith explained that he didn’t want to dissuade anyone from choosing to get a Ph.D.; if you have the passion, then go for it. He explained that no one knows what it is they would like to research upon entering the Ph.D. program. Most students are taken through general courses for their first year to broaden their academia which helps the students decide the path that they would like to take with their classes – these paths delve deeper into the subjects that they decide to study. Eventually, students seek out the aid of advisors for these subjects and when they hit their second year the work deviates from classes to research problems. The goal of these research problems is to not only expose you to never-before-done projects, but to also help you get work published. UF ranks at the top for publications in many of the best Operations Research journals. UF’s Ph.D. program for ISE accepts about twelve students, on average, every year out of about 250 applications from all over the world. Their selection process aims to diversify the classes so you’ll always be exposed to different backgrounds. UF does not accept any Ph.D. students that do not get funded from the school (tuition plus a livable salary). As for life after an Industrial Engineering Ph.D., some go on to work for the Department of Defense, the military, or FedEx just to name a few. The biggest point that Dr. Smith wanted to drive home about getting a Ph.D. is that there’s no need to push into a Ph.D. unless you really love at least one aspect of the work. Dr. Smith proceeded to challenge attendees with a few examples of the types of problems students solve in graduate school for Operations Research.



Meeting #2

Thursday, October 17

Speaker: Dr. Janice Ellen Carrillo 

Location & Time: Weil 279, 1:55pm-2:45pm


An Accidental OM Academic by  Dr. Janice Ellen Carrillo 

Dr. Carrillo began her presentation by asking students if they knew they wanted to be industrial engineers when they were ten. Of course most everyone laughed at that question. Dr. Carrillo considers herself an “Accidental OM Academic” because of the ‘accidental’ way in which she became a professor and involved with research in operations management. What followed was a Q&A style presentation, in which students asked Dr. Carrillo questions about her research, the difference between operations management and operations research, and about her experience being a professor.



We joined IIE on their camping trip at Paynes Prairie on Friday, October 25th.