Dynamic Scheduling with Bayesian Learning

Dr. Xiaoshan Peng will provide a seminar hosted by the ISE Department and organized by the CAO at 10:40 am via Zoom on Feb 16. Title:  Dynamic Scheduling with Bayesian Learning Abstract: We consider the dynamic scheduling problem of a… Read More

Quantum Approaches for combinatorial optimisation problems

Title: quantum approaches for combinatorial optimization problems   Abstract: Fast-developing quantum algorithms in recent years provide a different perspective on solving combinatorial optimization problems. In this talk, I will discuss a quantum-inspired tensor-network-based algorithm for general locally constrained combinatorial optimization problems.… Read More

Sparse Estimation: Closing the Gap Between L0 and L1 Models

Title: Sparse Estimation: Closing the Gap Between L0 and L1 ModelsAbstract: Sparse statistical estimators are increasingly prevalent due to their ease of interpretability and superior out-of-sample performance. However, sparse estimation problems with an L0 constraint, restricting the support of the… Read More

Optimization and Economic Equilibrium

Dr. Tyrrell Rockafellar will provide a joint seminar hosted by Math and the ISE Department and organized by the CAO at 4:05pm in LIT 225 on Oct 12. Looking forward to seeing you there!   Title: Optimization and Economic Equilibrium Abstract: In the standard theory of economic… Read More