Dr. Tufekçi’s research activities have led to the development of Emulated Flexible Manufacturing Facility (EFMF) software, which can simulate production lines for Kanban, CONWIP, MRP, or mixed control lines. In addition, he has also developed a Regional Area Evacuation Modeling Software (REMS) which can model geographical area evacuations and provide the evacuation process with animation. The software can be used to estimate evacuation routes and times for a geographical area during extreme emergencies including hurricanes and chemical or nuclear accidents. Initial funding for these activities came from the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Dr. Tufekçi has provided Lean Manufacturing and Total Productive Manufacturing workshops to industry on many occasions through the University of Florida Executive Education Program.

His research group develops new algorithms and supporting software for supply chain planning for electronics service industries where products have very short lifecycles and also, production planning models for leveled/mixed production scheduling in lean manufacturing systems.

Other research areas of interest include:

  • Justification of Modern Manufacturing Technologies
  • Network Flow Modeling
  • Emergency Management and Engineering
  • Production Scheduling