Research Funding

(Un)common Reading Program: Art as Therapy (PI), Honors Program, University of Florida, $1K, Fall 2014.

Creative Storytelling and Choreography Lab (PI), Creative Campus Program and Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Florida, $18K, 2013-2014.

Creative Scholar-in-Residence at the School of Theater + Dance (PI), Honors Program, University of Florida, $10K, Fall 2013.

(Un)common Reading Program: Asimov on Science & Art: The Roving Mind on the Grand Challenges of the 21st Centure (PI), Honors Program, University of Florida, $1K, Fall 2013.

Analytical approaches for assessing the revenue aspects and environmental impacts of demanufacturing (PI), National Science Foundation, $325K, 2008-11.

Collaborative Research: Analytical models for the design and operation of closed-loop supply chains(PI from University of Florida (UF) with PI H. Uster and co-PI S. Cetinkaya from Texas A&M University (TAMU)), National Science Foundation, $300K ($120K UF and $180 TAMU), 2005-08.

Developing case studies in collaboration with industry to teach lean thinking and the lean manufacturing paradigm,” (PI with co-PI S. Tufekci), National Science Foundation, $130K, 2005-08.

Center for Engineering Logistics and Distribution (CELDi): A multi-campus I/UCRC for supply chain research (co-PI with PI J. Geunes) National Science Foundation, $97K, 2004-05.

Innovative capacity planning models for health care services (co-PI with PI M.J. Cote), National Science Foundation, $250K, 2003-05.

Core acquisition and production planning for manufacturing systems with remanufacturing capability (PI), Society of Manufacturing Engineers Education Foundation, Research Initiation Grant, $15K, 2003-04.

Recycling and remanufacturing problems in the automotive industry (PI), General Motors R&D, $110K, 2003-04.

Remanufactured repair parts programs for the automotive industry (PI), General Motors R&D, $8K, 2003.

“Motorola Global Telecommunications Solutions Sector inventory optimization,” (co-PI with PI J. Geunes and co-PI E. Romeijn), Motorola, $35K, 2002-03.