Transfer Students

If you have questions about the program or admissions process you may contact the undergraduate academic advisor by clicking here.

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Transfer and International Students

The Department of Industrial and Systems admits qualified transfer students who have completed an Associate in Arts degree at a Florida public community or state college. Students seeking admission from other universities or out-of-state schools may be considered for admission on a space available basis. Transfer students are admitted in fall, spring, and summer terms.

Transfer Requirements

To qualify for admission to the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, transfer applicants must meet the following criteria. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

  • Completion of a minimum of 60 transferable credit hours.
  • Completion of UF’s foreign language requirement (2 sequential years of a foreign language in high school or a minimum of 8-10 college-level credits);
  • A minimum 2.0 cumulative (overall) GPA;
    • Recent transfer students admitted to ISE have significantly higher GPA.
  • Completion of at least the first 6 of the 8 critical tracking courses listed below at the time of application with a minimum 2.5 critical tracking GPA. No more than two attempts are allowed for tracking courses. Withdrawals count as an attempt.
    • Recent transfer students admitted to ISE have significantly higher critical tracking GPA.
    • (Physics labs and VB .NET lab are required, but not calculated into the critical tracking GPA.)
    • If admitted to our program, you will be required to take COP2271 & Lab (VB .NET section) even if you have already completed a different object oriented programming course. However, the grade of the object-oriented programming course you have taken will be included for evaluation purposes of your eligibility.
    • If admitted to our program, you will be required to take ESI4327C even if you have already completed Linear Algebra. However, the grade you received in Linear Algebra will be included for evaluation purposes of your eligibility.
Course Name Credits
MAC2311 Calculus with Analytic Geometry 1 4
MAC2312 Calculus with Analytic Geometry 2 4
MAC2313 Calculus with Analytic Geometry 3 4
MAP2302 Differential Equations 3
PHY2048 Physics 1 with Calculus 3
PHY2049 Physics 2 with Calculus 3
ESI4327c Matrix and Numerical Methods 4
COP2271 Computer Programming – VB.Net 2

Application Instructions

Please read the following information carefully and make sure to follow all application instructions to ensure a smooth and easy transfer process, thank you!

Deadlines, no exceptions will be made

Spring September 15
Summer A/C February 1
Summer B February 1
Fall May 15

To apply, you must complete an online application for Transfer Students found here. Eligible transfer applicants must be in good academic standing at the institution(s) attended and must have completed 60 or more transferable semester hours from a regionally accredited institution, or an AA degree from an in-state public community college, or 60 transferable semester credits of course work.

Transfer applicants who meet the University of Florida minimum admission requirements will be referred to the appropriate UF college for an admission decision. Applicants who exceed minimum requirements are most competitive for admission at the junior level, if space is available.

Online Transfer Student Application
Transfer Admissions FAQs