The main thrust of my research is to develop algorithms for modeling and monitoring systems with heterogeneous, high-dimensional data sources. Effective integration of these datasets is challenging due to the form, scale, resolution, and accuracy of modalities and requires new theoretical and algorithmic developments. Multimodality datasets are common in many applications, including manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, and energy. In addition to heterogeneity, many datasets are high-dimensional (e.g., images and profiles) with a complex correlation structure. Effectively extracting informative, low-dimensional features from HD datasets without sacrificing their structure is essential for modeling and monitoring systems with HD data. This is specifically challenging when the data size is small and requires novel algorithms that exploit the correlation structure to reduce the dimensionality of data. Small-sample-high-dimensional datasets are common in applications where data collection and labeling are expensive. These applications include healthcare and manufacturing.

Funded Projects

  • Project Title: Collaborative Research: Collaborative Research: Multi-Agent Adaptive Data Collection for Automated Post-Disaster Rapid Damage Assessment, Role: PI, Duration: September 2023 – August 2026, Supported by: National Science Foundation (NSF 2316652).
  • Project Title: CPS: Medium: Connected Federated Farms: Privacy-Preserving Cyber Infrastructure for Collaborative Smart Farming, Role: PI, Duration:June 2023-May 2026, Supported by: National Science Foundation (NSF 2212878).
  • Project Title: Multimodal Federated Learning for Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Electronic Health Data Modeling, Role: PI. Duration: Jan 2023-Oct 2023. Supported by: UF Foundation
  • Project Title: Collaborative Research: A Dynamic Disruption Prediction System for Transportation Networks. Role: PI. Duration: Oct 2020-Sep 2023. Supported by: NSF
  • Project Title: Multimodal-data Fusion-based Predictive Models for Agricultural Applications. Role: PI. Duration: June 2020-June 2021. Supported by: UF Informatics Institute Seed Award
  • Project Title: Real-time Data-driven Analysis of Economic Impacts of COVID-19 in Florida. Role: PI. Duration: June 2020-Nov 2020. Supported by: UF Informatics Institute
  • Project Title: Phase-change detection in heterogeneous time-series data. Role: PI. Duration: Jan 2020- Sep 2020. Supported by: UF Foundation