The degree
To meet the career needs of 21st Century technical managers, the University of Florida offers an Engineering Management master’s degree program to working professionals. This joint program between UF’s Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering and the Master of Business Administration Program of UF’s Warrington College of Business enables students to earn a master’s degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering with an engineering management track.

Convenient schedule
The program is designed so that working professionals are able to balance work, including business travel, family activities and studies, without having to choose an online program. The classes are presented live by UF engineering and business faculty one weekend per month, with two full days of instruction on Saturday and Sunday (see class meeting schedule).

Lock-step format
The class sequence begins every August. One business and one engineering course are offered each term. Due to the nature of the program, all coursework must be taken in sequence with all the other students in the class. Students complete the program in 20 months.

Much of the work is done in groups. This approach is used for case studies and presentations in both the engineering and the business classes. Teams are organized, and students who live in the same geographic area may choose to collaborate outside of class. This works hand in hand with the OEM program’s web resources, which make communicating with teammates and other classmates very convenient, even while students are traveling. Faculty and teaching assistants are in daily contact with the class through the Internet. Additionally, the OEM Program will occasionally arrange for optional face-to-face study sessions for students to meet as a group with faculty and/or teaching assistants if that is desired or needed.

Engineering courses
The core of the engineering portion of the curriculum is optimization and statistics. Complex business systems can be modeled mathematically and the resulting models optimized as aids to informed decision making. By developing probability and statistics models, managers can manage risk, and monitor and control business processes for maximum effectiveness. By managing complex logistics functions, manufacturing and service processes can be designed and operated to gain competitive advantage. An OEM graduate grounded in these essentials is prepared to manage complex technological projects and to coordinate all functions of a modern enterprise.

MBA courses
OEM students complete the MBA core classes taught by senior MBA faculty and receive a solid working background in organizational behavior, accounting, finance, marketing, and business policy. These core classes also qualify OEM students to apply for a concurrent degree program which awards an MBA degree after only 12 additional months of study.


New Technical & Management Skills
The Engineering Management master’s degree option fills a special niche: technical people with professional experience who want management skills but also want to stay in the technical realm. The OEM curriculum provides advanced training in optimization and statistics, as well as the MBA core.

New Contacts

  • The live instruction format allows you to interact in a face-to-face environment. Our program attracts other technical professionals who are facing the same issues that you face. Many students tell us that one of the most rewarding aspects of the OEM experience is the development of lifelong friendships and professional contacts.
  • The professors who teach in the program are highly accomplished, and are among the best instructors in their fields. In addition to classroom interaction with faculty during the program, you’ll have the opportunity to work individually with a faculty mentor for an in-depth capstone project in the final semester.
  • You’ll join a growing network of more than 750 OEM students and alumni.

Resources and Support

  • Program staff handle most administrative details for students, such as registration for courses, and assistance with a variety of UF offices, including the Office of Student Financial Aid, the Office of Veterans Affairs, the Graduate School, the Bursar’s Office, and the Office of the Registrar.
  • As a UF student, you will have access to the same resources as traditional students (e.g., student loans, job placement, all state university libraries, commencement ceremony, sporting events). Your transcript will not show a distinction from the on-campus program.

Degree Recognition
Both the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering and the MBA program at the University of Florida consistently receive excellent rankings. The program is also respected by the nation’s best companies. Graduates from the Engineering Management on-campus program have been placed with such companies as IBM, Intel, i2 Technologies, Accenture, and Ernst & Young. The most common student employers include Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Harris Corporation,  Siemens Energy, the US Military, Disney, and NASA.

Program History

The program began in its outreach format in 1996. Since that time, we have rotated locations several times in response to demand. OEM has been well received by students and, by all apparent means of evaluation, is a success. It is offered annually, with a new program beginning each August. To date, more than 750 students have chosen to enhance their career opportunities by completing this engineering master’s degree option.

Offerings to date

Offering Matriculation Graduation Location Status
1st August 1996 May 1998 South Florida completed
2nd August 1998 May 2000 West Palm Beach completed
3rd August 1999 May 2001 West Palm Beach completed
4th August 2000 May 2002 Gainesville completed
5th August 2001 May 2003 Gainesville completed
6th August 2002 May 2004 Gainesville completed
7th August 2003 May 2005 Cape Canaveral completed
8th August 2004 May 2006 Cape Canaveral completed
9th August 2005 May 2007 Cape Canaveral completed
10th August 2006 May 2008 Orlando completed
11th August 2007 May 2009 Orlando completed
12th August 2008 May 2010 Orlando completed
13th August 2009 May 2011 Orlando completed
14th August 2010 May 2012 Orlando completed
15th August 2011 May 2013 Orlando completed
16th August 2012 May 2014 Orlando completed
17th August 2013 May 2015 Orlando completed
18th August 2014 May 2016 Orlando completed
19th August 2015 May 2017 Orlando completed
20th August 2016 May 2018 Orlando completed
21st August 2017 May 2019 Orlando in progress
22nd August 2018 May 2020 Orlando in progress
August 2019
May 2021
*applications invited*