UF OEM/MBA Concurrent Degree Option

UF OEM/MBA Concurrent Degree Option


If you have a technical undergraduate degree and you are thinking about returning to school for a master’s, you may be wondering whether to get another technical degree or if you should get an MBA.  The University of Florida has an innovative program that allows you to keep your job and complete both an engineering master’s and an MBA degree in less than three years.  The UF Outreach Engineering Management (OEM) and MBA Programs have teamed up to provide working professionals with this exceptional opportunity to fully prepare for career advancement, establish and nurture invaluable networking contacts, and obtain comprehensive technical and managerial training, all without a career interruption and at an unparalleled value.  Both the OEM and MBA Programs are structured as lock-step, cohort-style programs, so students go through the graduate school experience together, at exactly the same pace.  You will benefit from in-depth recurring interaction with two sets of accomplished classmates and two sets of nationally-recognized faculty, and you will develop relationships that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Program Structure:

4 semesters of OEM (one-weekend-per-month format, with classes in Orlando)
4 semesters of MBA (via Internet MBA or Professional MBA)

The concurrent degree program requires as few as 28 months/55 credit hours.  Both degrees are awarded at the end of eight (8) semesters, although the OEM degree can be awarded sooner, if desired.


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