Fees for Class of 2020

For the program that begins in August 2018, the total amount of the five-semester program is $29,920. The cost per credit hour is $935. This amount covers all course fees, student fees and administrative fees, but does not include expenses associated with textbooks, transportation, lodging, or computer hardware (the program requires that students have unrestricted access to a personal computer, and a laptop may occasionally be needed during class weekends).

Each semester’s fees are payable at the beginning of the semester as indicated on the Payment Schedule below.

Term Cost Due Date Credit Hours
Fall 2018 (non-refundable matriculation fee; will be applied to first semester’s fees upon enrollment) $500 upon admission
Fall 2018 (balance after prepayment) $6,045  8/31/2018 7
Spring 2019 $5,610  1/18/2019 6
Summer 2019 $5,610  5/24/2019 6
Fall 2019 $5,610  TBA 6
Spring 2020 $6,545  TBA 7
Totals $29,920  TBA 32

Help with Funding

Many corporations will reimburse for part or all of the program fees. Check with your Human Resources office. Please note that the 20-month program spans three calendar years, which is advantageous in cases where students are participating in employer-sponsored educational assistance plans that have maximum amounts payable within a single calendar year.

Federal Student Loans

Most students enrolled in the OEM Program are eligible to receive up to $20,500 per academic year in federal unsubsidized student loans.  To apply, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  UF’s institution code is 001535.  Additional funding beyond the $20,500 may be available via the Graduate PLUS loan program, if needed.

More information about student loans is available at the following web sites:

The Lifetime Learning tax credit may offer federal income tax relief.


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