HEALTH-Engine Lab

HEALTH-Engine Mission

The mission of the HEALTH-Engine Lab is to develop innovative engineering solutions to healthcare challenges through the following objectives:

  1. Research: To advance methodologies and techniques in the areas of deterministic and stochastic modeling, data-driven optimization, machine learning, and simulation in the application of health policy, health information technology, healthcare delivery, healthcare operations, disease diagnostics, and medical treatment planning.
  2. Education: To prepare the future industrial engineering workforce for contemporary and prospective challenges in healthcare by mentoring, training, hosting, and supporting graduate and undergraduate students on healthcare systems engineering projects.
  3. Societal Impact: To design high-quality, effective, affordable, lean, and translational engineering solutions that improve patient-centered care throughout the healthcare system.
  4. Collaborations: To build a consortium of interdisciplinary, convergent research projects and partnerships by fostering collaborations with medicine, public health, engineering, information technology, and industry.