Funded Projects

1. V. Boginski (PI). New Robustness Characteristics and Phase Transition Problems for Complex Networks in Dynamic and Uncertain Environments, Young Investigator Award, $200,000, U.S. Department of Defense/DTRA, 07/2009 – 07/2011

2. DURIP: Equipment for DoD-funded Large-scale Data Analysis and Network Optimization Projects at the University of Florida, $215,937 (P.M. Pardalos, V. Boginski, and S. Uryasev), U.S. Department of Defense/AFOSR, 04/2010 – 04/2011.

3. V. Boginski (PI) and S. Uryasev (co-PI). Dynamic Sensor Networks under Risk and Robustness Considerations, $65,743, U.S. Department of the Air Force, 05/2009 – 05/2010.

4. V. Boginski (PI). Reliability Characteristics of Complex Networks, $105,000, U.S. Department of the Air Force, 01/09-01/12.

5. B. Balasundaram (PI), V. Boginski (co-PI), S. Butenko (co-PI), S. Uryasev (co-PI). Robust Optimization for Connectivity and Flow Patterns in Dynamic Networks, $589,092 (UF Portion $222K), U.S. Department of Energy, 12/2009-12/2012

6. V. Boginski (PI). Asymptotic Behavior of Random Graph Models, $15,975, U.S. Department of the Air Force, 04/2009 – 01/2010.

7. P.M. Pardalos (PI), V. Boginski (co-PI), and S. Uryasev (co-PI). Modeling and Optimization of Network Response to WMD Attacks Under Uncertainty, $219,016, U.S. Department of Defense/DTRA, 01/09-05/10.

8. S. Butenko (PI), V. Boginski (co-PI), and O. Prokopyev (co-PI). Optimization Techniques for Clustering, Connectivity, and Flow Problems in Complex Networks, $349,952, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, 09/01/08 – 08/31/11.

9. V. Boginski (PI), J.R. Rogacki (co-PI), and S. Uryasev (co-PI). Design of Sensor Networks, $51,317, U.S. Department of the Air Force, 05/08 – 07/09.