BS/MS in ISE Combination Program

BS/MS in ISE Combination Program

The BS/MS in ISE Combination Program allows a student to begin completing requirements towards a master’s degree (M.S. or M.E.) while completing their undergraduate study.


The B.S./M.S. in ISE Program requirements are the same as the individual B.S. and M.S. programs. Three of the following graduate courses may be substituted for the undergraduate curriculum upon admission to the graduate program.

Graduate CourseUndergraduate Course
EIN6905: Web Based Decision Support Systems for ISEESI4357: Web Based Decision Support Systems for ISE
ESI6529: Digital Simulation TechniquesESI4523: Industrial Systems Simulation
EIN6422: Manufacturing ManagementEIN4451: Lean Production Systems
ESI6355: Decision Support Systems for ISEESI4356: Decision Support Systems for ISE
ESI6323: Models for Supply Chain ManagementEIN4343: Inventory and Supply Chain Systems


The admissions process for the combined degree program is a two step process:

  1. During the semester before your final year of study, submit your application, a statement of purpose, resume, and plan of study in which you state which graduate courses you wish to substitute for the undergraduate curriculum.
  2. Apply to the graduate program. For information admission requirements, click HERE.

If you have any additional questions regarding combined degrees, talk to your undergraduate advisor.