Achievement Award for New Graduate Students

The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering Achievement Award for New Engineering Graduate Students provides a partial tuition waiver to students with outstanding academic records to pursue a degree program in engineering at the University of Florida.

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Applicants must meet each of the following requirements to be considered for the award

  1. The award is open to out-of-state and international students only (tuition for Florida residents is already less than the cost with the partial waiver applied, so the award is not beneficial to in-state students).
  2. Nominees should intend to enroll for the first time as graduate students within the College of Engineering.
  3. Awardees may not receive any additional financial aid, including assistantships, fellowships and scholarships.  Financial support from employment related to the student’s degree program is allowed.
  4. Grade Point Average (GPA) or equivalent of at least 3.0, as accepted by the UF Office of Admission.
  5. GRE score (Verbal + Quantitative) = 310 to qualify.  Alternately, a nominee may present a passing score on the FE exam and 5  years work experience.

Application Procedure

The award is granted by the Graduate Student Selection Committee upon review of a student’s application and it is based upon academic record of achievement in an undergraduate degree program, as well as other accomplishments.  Recipients are determined by the committee at the time of application processing and review, so there is not an application for this award.

Award Provisions

  1. Awardees will receive a partial tuition waiver.  Student responsibility for tuition and fees will be reduced.  This amount is subject to change, therefore will only be indicated on the official Letter of Admission.
  2. The award is limited to 36 semester credit hours that contribute to the awardee’s degree program.
  3. The award is limited to two (2) years elapsed time from initial enrollment/registration date.